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Six Feet Under
Bringer Of Blood
November 2003
Released: 2003, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

If, like me, anyone feared the direction Six Feet Under was taking with their last album, TRUE CARNAGE, they are back with BRINGER OF BLOOD. BRINGER OF BLOOD is a very heavy album, but it is able to maintain a groove and (dare I say) even provide us with a few catchy tunes at the same time. The bass and drums are heavy in the forefront of the mix and you don’t just hear it, you can actually “feel” the album! Chris Barnes is in top form bringing his legendary vocals and gruesome lyrics to the table once again.

The album kicks off with my favorite track, “Sick In The Head”. It’s a speedy, thrashy track with Barnes alternating between his trademark death growl and a piercing shriek. “Amerika The Brutal” follows the trend with an almost punk-flavored/Black Flag influence behind some seriously anti-Bush government lyrics.. There is a heavy bass mix, which provides a good stomping groove. On “My Hatred”, Barnes attacks religion and offers, “I have the cure for your Christian disease”. “Murdered In The Basement” features some humorous lyrics and is a nod to Barnes’ gory past with Cannibal Corpse. The title track is a bit grating as it’s mostly just Barnes saying “Bringer of Blood” over and over again. “Braindead”, “Blind And Gagged” and “Claustrophobia” are other standout tracks. “Ugly” and “Escape From The Grave” are the only songs that don’t quite measure up. If you don’t take the CD out immediately after “Escape From The Grave”, there’s a short hidden track at the 8:15 mark, which features only Barnes’ vocals, drums and bass. It’s pretty simple and is obviously just some studio noodling but the bass in it rattled the hell out of my speakers!!

The packaging of the album is pretty cool, as well. The artwork was done by David Aronson ( and really makes the package something special. The cover features a collage-like face that features goat horns, a demon and a skull. On the inside, each band member is shown with some scary makeup but the sepia-toned photos look really good, too. Each song has an image that pertains to it. The picture of a very evil-looking priest that corresponds to “My Hatred” really stood out. I got the two-disc digipack version, which has a DVD chronicling the recording of the album.

One positive with BRINGER OF BLOOD is that there aren’t any guest rappers, as there was with Ice-T on 2001’s TRUE CARNAGE. The first Body Count album was good but after that, they sucked BIG TIME, so let him to stick to rapping, acting, or whatever else he’s doing these days. The new album features the band sounding sludgy, heavy as hell, and back on track. Chris Barnes is one of extreme metal’s most respected names and seeing him back again is a welcome surprise. The rest of the band also turn in superb performances for what is one of my favorite releases of 2003.

KILLER KUTS: “Sick In the Head,” “My Hatred”
Track Listing

1. Sick In The Head
2. Amerika The Brutal
3. My Hatred
4. Murdered In The Basement
5. When Skin Turns Blue
6. Bringer Of Blood
7. Ugly
8. Braindead
9. Blind And Gagged
10. Claustrophobia
11. Escape From The Grave


Chris Barnes—Vocals
Steve Swanson—Guitars
Terry Butler—Bass
Greg Gall—Drums

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