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Sister Sin
Black Lotus
January 2015
Released: 2014, Victory Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

As much as any metal band, Sweden’s Sister Sin probably qualifies as a “buzz” band. There’s been a lot of effusive praise thrown at the band since their debut came out back in 2003, peaking with 2012’s NOW AND FOREVER RELEASE. Personally, I’ve kind of ignored the band, just because they are on a label not normally associated with heavy metal (Victory Records) and just assumed that they couldn’t be as good as the hype. I actually had to FORCE myself listen to this album, the band’s fifth studio record.

My mistake. From the second that “Food for the Worms” kicks in, Sister Sin announce that BLACK LOTUS is immediately the best, most classic heavy metal album of 2014. If you like traditional ‘80s-sounding metal at all, then you will love this album. From Liv Jagrell’s powerful, “take no shit” vocals straight through the band’s thunderous heavy metal riffs, Sister Sin channel classic heavy metal like no other band I’ve heard. There is surely nothing new in band’s performing ‘80s-style metal any more, as the trend started well over a decade ago, but to my ears, no band does it better than Sister Sin.

Although there are only a scant nine cuts on the record, every single one of them just crushes its way into your brain and I can easily recall each of them. Although my favorites are the twin rallying cries of “Chaos Royale” and “Count Me Out”, there isn’t one song I dislike. Even the quieter “The Jinx” is memorable and doesn’t con form to the standard ballad formula. The only reason I’m not giving this album a perfect score is because, as good as they are, Sister Sin are covering terrain that has been well-ploughed for thirty-plus years. That said, they’re doing it better than just about everyone else! BLACK LOTUS is an absolute RUSH to listen to and shames all the other pretenders to the heavy metal throne.

There’s no other way to say it: I love this album! So much so that since hearing it I’ve gone and bought each of the band’s previous four releases. If you haven’t heard Sister Sin yet – what are you waiting for?
Track Listing

1) Food for the Worms
2) Chaos Royale
3) Au Revoir
4) Desert Queen
5) Count Me Out
6) Stone’s Throw
7) The Jinx
8) Ruled By None
9) Sail North


Liv Jagrell: Vocals
Jimmy Hitula: Guitar
Andreas Strandh: Bass
Dave Sundberg: Drums



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