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In Chaos We Trust
April 2015
Released: 2015, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having formed in 2014, Brazilian Progressive Metal outfit Siriun display a forward thinking debut approach to Metal with In Chaos We Trust. Now the trio, which also feature ex Devil Driver drummer Kevin Talley, are ready to breathe new life into the progressive Metal genre, combining the rage of Sepultura with the technicalities of Nevermore.

‘Mass Control’ opens with an instant array of impressive distorted guitars as their metallic prowess remains highly present. The heavy drum pounds come crashing down at full force, making this a track that will no doubt inspire plenty of head banging at live shows.

Following up with, ’Infected’, the acoustic guitars weave into a strong angst driven narrative as the technical drumming resonate highly in the production. Meanwhile, the guitar solos keep everything interesting and elevate the band further into the realms of mastery.

The record's title track, ‘In Chaos We Trust’, unravels with spoken words and weighty drums, which set a strong sense of foreboding from the outset. The instrumentation bounces back and forth between harsh sounding metal and acoustic breakdowns that tie together seamlessly without slipping into over indulgence.

Closing off with ‘Becoming Aware’, Siriun break into an array of adrenaline induced riffs and harmonics. The roaring vocals barge onward as the band lapse into further face melting solos that tread into some serious progressive metal territory.

The record keeps its focus and remains highly engaging. The band clearing has a strong diversity in their influences, in their Latino and tribal tendencies.

There are so many twists and turns within the body of this record that you will have to give the record several listens before arriving at any real conclusions. Everything from the production to the musicianship is top notch and Siriun certainly prove that they are a cut above their peers. Great work guys!

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Mass Control
2. Infected
3. Spread of Hate
4. Cosmogenesis
5. In Chaos We Trust
6. Transmutation
7. Intent
8. Becoming Aware


Alexandre Castellan: Vocals / Guitar
Kevin Talley: Drums
Hugo Machado: Bass

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