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Siren's Cry
Scattered Horizons
October 2013
Released: 2012, Nightmare Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Apparently this band has been around since 1999 and churned out a couple of demos, but this is my first introduction to them and I may suspect their introduction to the metal community at large. While bubbling under the surface for a decade the Austria quintet signed to the esteemed American label Nightmare Records run by Lance King, who has an uncanny ear for talent. Their debut SCATTERED HORIZONS only recently came to my attention (via Nightmare) even thought the album came out back in early 2012.

I really like the album cover; it visually represents the audio component of the bands metal-meets-classical style. The cover reminds me a bit of something Savatage might produce (think Gutter Ballet), or more recently the cover of Damnation Angels debut EP, SHADOW SYMPHONY. I like their logo and font as well. The production is crystal clear with a good mix and the 9 track album runs under an hour with a couple of longer, more progressive cuts running in the 9 minute range.

Siren’s Cry follow a fairly conventional template of orchestral, symphonic Metal which is very popular in Austria right now with many bands on the scene. For more information check out my July 2013 spotlight on Austrian Symphonic bands. Regardless of how many bands there are, Siren’s Cry can certainly compete in the crowded genre with excellent production and quality musicianship. There are many progressive elements and sudden-stop-start time changes as heard on cuts like ‘Elegy of R’lyeh’. The vocals of Katarina Bilek are certainly a very dominant asset in the band. Her strong powerful voice has range and tone and adds to the bands already powerful sound. The band is not afraid to embrace Metal as some of the heavier songs such as ‘Draconian Spectrum’ ease back on the progressive, orchestral elements and the drums and guitar take the forefront with great riffs and a sense of real pace and intensity.

SCATTERED HORIZONS is a very impressive debut and I would heartily recommend this young band to fans of the orchestral, symphonic, female-fronted sound that is so popular right now across the globe. Siren’s Cry has what it takes to be among the elite. Strong songs, strong individual performances, and strong production all combine to create a winning combination from Siren’s Cry.
Track Listing

1. Introitus
2. S3V3N
3. Oratory & Sins
4. Elegy of R’lyeh
5. Draconian Spectrum
6. Cold Amber & Scalding Tears
7. Sahara Sagas Pt I
8. Serpents of War
9. A Controversial Mind


Katie Joanne Vocals
Michael A. Sisko Keyboards, Vocals
Phillip R. Porter Guitar, Vocals
Sören Skupien Bass
Frederic Brünner Drums

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