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At Sixes And Sevens
May 2002
Released: 2002, Napalm Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A straight quote from the Sirenia´s biography: “Sirenia plays a mixture of Gothic Metal and Rock with classical influences as well as Black – and Death Metal elements. Its soundscape has a solid basis with powerful drums and bass, arranged in a very dynamic and progressive way – supported by really magically powerful rhythm guitars, atmospheric keyboards and spiced with melancholic violins and 12-string guitars”. Well, actually the following sentences sum up perfectly all that I would have put on paper about this highly bombastic album by myself. I really don´t have anything to add to that at all. The thing is, when an album catches you in pure amazement, you cannot find the very right words for describing your feelings a bit... at all! As much as I would have liked to express myself by telling you people how much Sirenia´s debut titled AT SIXES AND SEVENS just rules, I´m afraid that I am not just capable of putting my thoughts of it the way this album should deserve to be described and praised. When the first two songs blow out from the speakers, “Meridian” and “Sister Nightfall”, I start losing my grip on things; in an extremely positive way, of course!!

This is just FAN-FUCKIN´-TAS-TIC metal and I even cannot remember when I have been this thrilled or addicted over something as I am at the moment towards Sirenia´s debut!! Almost too good Metal (with a faint Gothic -feel) to be true… Highly dynamic, very atmospheric, totally innovative and absolutely unique; all this nicely blended together in the very same package!! Highly recommended for all Black, - Gothic, - Doom, - Death, - etc. –fans for sure!! Even for those into ´traditional metal´ should dig this stuff without any problems!! Whatta HELL... if you call yourself as a "true metal fan," then you've gotta love Sirenia!!! For me they are definitely one of the best newcomers lately that have crawled into the metal scene and made such an impact on me that I just couldn´t give it any less than 5 out of 5!! They ARE the uncrowned kings of new, innovative metal, believe me!!!
Track Listing

01. Meridian
02. Sister Nightfall
03. On the Wane
04. In a Manica
05. At Sixes and Sevens
06. Lethargica
07. Manic Aeon
08. A Shadow of Your Own Self
09. In Sumerian Haze


Kristian Gundersen - Guitar, vocals
Morten Veland - Bass, drums, guitar, vocals

Session members:
Fabienne Gondamin - Vocals
Pete Johansen - Violin

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