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Sinners Burn
Pre-mortal Autopsy
April 2009
Released: 2008, No Colours Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Sinners Burn is a death metal side project band put together by the members from Paganizer and Those Who Bring The Torture - and it also is sort of a tribute project paying homage to some of the elder Gods of death metal, especially for the past Swedish death metal scene. It´s all about bands like early Dismember, Unleashed, Nihilist, Necrophobic and such, so at least a listener knows what he/or she gets.

As for jumping back in time in general and seeking for your ancestors´ highly valued past works, this is actually happening all the time in the metal scene these days. For example both thrash and death metal have been re-found and re-animated again by a new generation of metal guys and gals. And in my opinion, that´s a good thing and there´s simply nothing wrong with that at all.

However, sometimes too much is simply too much. As good as Sinners Burn are at playing their crisp and heavy – yet surprisingly melodic even old school death metal – obviously straight through their hearts even, it´s kind of pretty easy to identify with the sound they have, and enjoy the most of it. I can clearly hear the Swedish death metal heritage behind Sinners Burn´s sound, and can also sincerely like it without even forcing me at all to get into it. But having said all that, it´s also kinda disturbing to realize how many bands out there nowadays use pretty much a similar ink in their sound, to make it all sound as ´old school´ as possible. Talk about thousands of such bands these days that have adopted this old school death metal sound for themselves – some better, some worse.

No doubts, this is all good stuff although I cannot say that I still am that severely kicked by the type of stuff that Sinners Burn do, let´s say, as I used to be a couple of years back. You see, visiting the same (old) school over and over and over again, starts feeling a bit boring at one point, and I think I have pretty much reached that point now by Sinners Burn´s PRE-MORTAL AUTOPSY (both the band´s name and album title have a very familiar ring in them, don´t they?) as far as this old school this and that is concerned. C´mon, bring on some new deadly weapons, dammit!!

This is for the lovers of ´90s Swedish death metal stuff mostly, so just bite your own cut out of it if you so wish and want.
Track Listing

01. Pre-Mortal Autopsy
02. Totally Repulsed
03. Necromaniac
04. Dismembered Alive
05. Zombified Rebirth
06. Massacre on the First Degree
07. Sinners Burn
08. Hosed with Blood
09. Forneverending Lobotomy
10. Woke up Dead


Andreas Carlsson - Vocals and guitar
Rogga Jonansson - Guitar
Jocke Ringdahl - Drums

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