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Sinners Burn
Mortuary Rendezvous
December 2009
Released: 2009, No Colours Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Sinners Burn´s 2nd album on German underground label, No Colours Records, continues in the same deep footsteps where they left off on their debut album, PRE-MORTAL AUTOPSY, in 2008. There´s nothing wrong in being and sounding retro, and actually it´s even better if you can fool your listeners into thinking that they have dug up some fossilized, ancient bones out from the ground when listening to your product.

That´s what these four Swedish death riders in Sinners Burn do anyway (only having drummer Jocke Ringdahl left from the line-up of the band´s previous album), managing to keep themselves in the middle of this retro-ish road with their downtuned, raw and buzzsaw sounding old school death metal. They admittedly know the basics of this particular style really well, and they don´t hesitate to take ruthlessly advantage of it all. Without even giving much thought to it, they surely do their "Swedish old school död mettal" style without much effort put into it, with all those very familiar and recognizable elements lurking within their songs on MORTUARY RENDEZVOUS. It sounds all good, and you feel homey right away (if you are just into this kind of style), but then again it´s kinda difficult to give them any credit for achieving a plateful of material with this retro-ish vibe sugar-coating the songs here.

It´s still all good for what it is - and if you want something a bit more than some nostalgic moments among the retro-ish sounding Swedish old school underground death metal, then you can undoubtedly prepare to be disappointed. But now when you actually come to think of it, who of us would not love that creepy and spine-chilling late 80s Swedish underground death metal sound á la Nihilist, Carnage, Grave, Dismember and the like? It was the sound of something revolutionary to be revealed, and to be greatly appreciated and ruthlessly copycatted by so many other bands around the world, for many years to come from those days forward.

MORTUARY RENDEZVOUS is just a good 2nd album from the infamously retro Sinners Burn camp, but that´s basically all they have on offer on this release. It´s easy to like this album yet it´s somewhat easy to completely ignore it as well. I chose to like it - at least a little bit anyway.
Track Listing

01. Baptized by Evil
02. Mortuary Rendezvous
03. Ancient Gods
04. Buried in Barbed Wire
05. Exit Death
06. Summon the Wicked Lust
07. There Will Be Blood
08. The Grotesque Phatologist


Maccan Ankarberg - Vocals
Richard Karlsson - Guitar
Fredrik Nilsson - Bass
Jocke Ringdahl - Drums

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