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Touch Of Sin 2
November 2013
Released: 2013, AFM Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Like many bands, Sinner lost the rights to their back catalog and most of it is now out of print. Sure you can hear some low quality versions on YouTube, but tracking down an actual CD is much more difficult. TOUCH OF SIN 2 seeks to redress some of that unavailability, with the band re-recording 11 songs from some of these missing albums. Also included is a worthy cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Don’t Believe A Word” and two new tracks. While there is only one song from the band’s first three albums, the classic ‘85 TOUCH OF SIN has five tracks represented. COMIN’ OUT FIGHTING has three inclusions, while DANGEROUS CHARM has two.

The charm of this album is that Sinner has actually made these old songs better in both production and delivery. “Knife In My Heart” is noticeably better than the original recording. The band’s passion and excitement is unmistakable, Mat Sinner making sure everyone was available to record live in the studio. The riffs are pure metal but inflected with the qualities of 70s rock, the band often sounding like a heavier version of Thin Lizzy. The two new songs mesh almost perfectly with the style of these vintage tunes, with both “Blood On The Sound” and “Heat Of The City” containing melodic and punchy rhythms.

Without question this is classic metal containing a touch of traditional and NWOBHM qualities.

The only real shame is that the original albums are basically unavailable, and while the eleven songs are a decent representation, a double album would have been better in my opinion. Fans that already have the old albums still might want to check this out. I have mixed feelings about re-recording old classics generally, but in this case the effort makes sense, and the songs actually seem to have improved with the new interpretations. TOUCH OF SIN 2 not only provides access to these old songs, but also serves as a worthy best of for that era of the band making a viable starting place for interested listeners looking to discover the band. Ideal for fans of Saxon, Primal Fear, Thin Lizzy, and Bonfire.
Track Listing

01 – Born To Rock

02 – Comin’ Out Fighting

03 – Bad Girl

04 – Knife In My Heart

05 – Concrete Jungle

06 – Don’t Believe A Word

07 – Shout

08 – Germany Rocks

09 – Danger Zone

10 – Emerald

11 – Blood On The Sand

12 – Lost In A Minute

13 – Masquerade

14 – Heat Of The City


Mat Sinner -Vocals, Bass
Alex Scholpp -Guitars
André Hilgers -Drums
Christof Leim -Guitars
Alex Beyrodt -Guitars

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