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December 2014
Released: 10th, Code666
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Belgian band Saille’s third album "Eldritch" is a concept album exploring several well-known masterpieces of classic and modern Horror Literature. They self-define as Epic Black Metal and consistently incorporate real classical instruments (e.g. cello, violin, cornet, trumpet, euphonium, grand piano, hobo) into their compositions.

Opener ‘Emerald’ showcases the diversity of vocal styles Saille use; blackened growls and death screams are contrasted with clean vocals. Here they will very much appeal to Dimmu Bogir fans with their symphonic black metal sounds. ‘Walpurgis’ is a full on aural assault, however it does not manage to grasp my attention and ends without me realising. ‘The Great God Pan’ struggles to hold my attention too. This could possibly be due to Saille’s use of orchestral instruments creating a sound which flows, without much in the way of dramatic changes. It is all great classic symphonic black metal but does not stand out. "Eldritch" is a carefully crafted album which demands full attention to be appreciated fully. ‘Aklo’ has some lush blast beats and powers along for seven minutes of dark deliciousness. This is in the same vein as the rest of the album until you get to closer Carcosa. Which starts out as an atmospheric spoken word closer but in the final minutes goes out with a throbbing black metal bang.

These nine songs would be very appreciated by the symphonic black metal connoisseur.

Review by Victoria Fenbane
Track Listing

1 Emerald
2 Walpurgis
3 The Great God Pan
4 Aklo
5 Cold War
6 Eater of Worlds
7 Red Death
8 Dagon
9 Carcosa


Dennie Grondelaers: Vocals
Reinier Schenk: Bass
Jonathan Vanderwaal: Guitar & Clean Vocals
Dries Gaerdelen: Keyboards, Piano & Clean Vocals
Kevin De Leener: Drums
Kristof Van Iseghem - Bass

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