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The Nature of Evil
March 1999
Released: 1998, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Joe

If any of the information I've gathered on Sinner is accurate, then they are Germany's longest existing hard rock/metal act next to the Scorpions. Then how, one may ask, is it possible that I never found out about them until after the release of Primal Fear's debut CD, on which bassist/vocalist Mat Sinner and guitarist Tom Naumann played? Good question. Let me explain...

I live in a small town surrounded by intellectually challenged rednecks who are not aware of, nor do they wish to be aware of, anything outside of alcohol consumption and cheap sex. And when it comes to music, it's Honky Tonk all the way Baby!!! Yee-haw!!! Throw a little dance and Top 40 music into the mix, and you've got the makings of a metalhead's nightmare. Then, to make matters even worse, the remaining portion of the local populace who don't fit the aforementioned description are self-righteous religious nuts. Add to that the fact that the only place to buy CD's is Wal-Mart and the answer suddenly becomes clear... I'm already in Hell!!! (Apparently, the transition from life to death is so smooth that years can pass before you realize what happened.)

All that aside, The Nature of Evil is an impressive CD, although it does require a few listens before one begins to really appreciate it. Tracks such as the grinding opener "Devil's River", "Walk on the Dark Side", and the rather Dio-esque title track catch your attention on the first listen, but others like "A Question of Honour" and "Some Truth" take a little getting used to.

The musicianship on The Nature of Evil is first rate, though it was expected after hearing both Mat and Tom's performances on Primal Fear. And while he doesn't quite have the vocal power of Ralf Scheepers, Mat Sinner proves to be a very competent singer in his own right. However, lyrically the band could use a little improvement. I did find a few grammatical errors in a couple of the songs, but considering how minor the errors were and that most likely English is the band's second language, they are easy to overlook. Then again, when I think about how poor the language skills of most English-speaking people are, I'm doubtful any listeners will even notice.

It's been said that The Nature of Evil is Sinner's finest CD to date. I can't argue with that statement since it's the only one I've heard. All I can really say is that I liked it. But if you're already familiar with Sinner's work, or liked Primal Fear, then it may be worth your while to pick this one up.
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