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The Post-Apocalyptic Servant
August 2014
Released: 2014, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

If you are a death metal fan and you don’t have heard any morbid riffs from Sinister, you should stop listen to (death) metal and it’s time to explore Lady Gaga’s music. Good! Now, only death metal maniacs are around.

Sinister reminded us why this beast wouldn’t die, and everybody gathered ’round to see if they could continue on their next recording. About two years have passed and we are at that point with the band’s eleventh album THE POST-APOCALYPTIC SERVANT . But is it just as brutal an experience, or could it be drastically better?

Much like their previous outing, THE POST-APOCALYPTIC SERVANT caters towards the brutal, and it pulls this off quite well. After the brief introduction on “The Science of Prophecy,” the performance itself kicks in with rich distortion and crisp drums that nicely stick out, both complimenting each other nicely. The deep twang of the bass guitar plays a much more vital role during the slower tracks, helping to keep the rhythm alive and stronger than the generally intense and faster technicality that highlights the blistering bass kicks more before fading away to let “The Macabre God” slowly ring in. As the speed picks up, so does the ominous atmosphere brought on the technical chords and bass groove. While the vocals are a bit thin sounding and low in volume, an issue that does appear in the more violent passages of other tracks like “The Burden of Mayhem,” there’s some additional enthusiasm towards the end that beefs them up and helps fill the already sleek thickness to the audio quality.

Like their great debut album, CROSS THE STYX, the smooth fusion of the chaotic elements of death metal into a new style defines this album. From the Americas, it borrows the bursting riffs of Sepultura and the thunderous recursion of Deicide, while showing influences from Slayer as well, but into this it mixes the rich European tradition of neoclassical melody and Gothic theatricism as found in Destruction and Massacre, and Sinister merge these into a technical, musical and muscular form of death metal which flows together smoothly, making this album a landmark for the genre.

Traces of vestigial influence can be heard in this music, with an influence of heavy metal in parts, but a large degree of classic death metal lexicon from Slayer to Master to Morbid Angel and beyond. Although not highly refined, this music knows what it wants to say and bashes it out with profound and anger and blissful morbidity.
Track Listing

01. The Science of Prophecy – 5:07
02. The Macabre God – 4:06
03. The Sculpture of Insanity – 3:32
04. The End of All That Conquers – 4:31
05. The Masquerade of an Angel – 4:49
06. The Dome of Pleasure – 4:07
07. The Post-Apocalyptic Servant – 4:05
08. The Art of Skin Decoration – 4:16
09. The Saviour – 5:36
10. The Burden of Mayhem – 4:48
Digipack Bonus Disc:
01. Fall From Grace (Morbid Angel cover) – 5:20
02. Deadly Inner Sense (Paradise Lost cover) – 4:38
03. Unstoppable Force (Agent Steel cover) – 3:35


Adrie Kloosterwaard - vocals
Dennis Hartog - guitar
Bastiaan Brussaard - guitar
Mathijs Brussaard - bass
Toep Duin - drums

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