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Sailing To Nowhere
Lost In Time
October 2017
Released: 2017, Underground Symphony
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

After a well-received debut, Sailing To Nowhere have returned with their sophomore effort LOST IN TIME. On this voyage they have sort of left behind some of the nautical themes and gone a little more futuristic in their delivery. However, by merely looking at the album cover you can see the ship is still prominent and I think the idea of the time-traveling, dimension-hopping boat (ala Adventures of Baron Munchausen) could really work, because they can go lyrically or thematically in any direction they wish.

I’m not thrilled with the band name, but this Italian seven or eight-member band have chosen something very distinct so it works. This time the band has been signed to a label of their home nation, Underground Symphony. There has been a bunch of turn-over in the ranks since the debut a couple of years back, but I didn’t notice any drop in quality.

Sailing To Nowhere play a nice brand of Melodic Power Metal with some minor progressive touches. The band isn’t very symphonic or orchestral they are less Rhapsody and more Kamelot to my ears. There are some nice examples of male-female vocal interplay as heard on one of my favourite tracks ‘Ghost City’. The tempo of the album is mostly mid-paced, leaning towards the quick side. The songs are all in a four to five minute range so they don’t stretch out too much but there is certainly a lot of music happening in those few minutes, acoustic piano, some electronic keyboard sounds, some sweet soprano vocals, all nice intermingled in with nicely executed melodic Power Metal. In a sense this reminds me a bit of Avantasia, not too frantic or over-indulgent but some really nice songs. The slower cut ‘Apocalypse’ is a very well developed song with a big multi-vocal chorus almost dipping into power ballad territory. The simple chorus on a 'New Life' is so effective and catchy it really sticks.

There is a shimmering Italian perfection to this, very soundtrack-like, harmonious, not all down and dirty. Big sounds dominate LOST IN TIME for much of the time but then a straight-ahead fast song like ‘Suffering’ kicks in and they remind you that they are at heart a Metal band. Sailing To Nowhere is just loaded with talent and song-writing prowess I hope more people can pick up on this decent act.
Track Listing

1. Lost in Time
2. Scream of the World
3. Ghost City
4. Apocalypse
5. Suffering in Silence
6. Our Last Night on Earth
7. Fight for Your Dreams
8. New Life
9. Start Again


Marco Palazzi Vocals
Helena Pieraccini Vocals (female)
Clara Trucchi Vocals (female)
Alessio Contorni Keyboards
Andrea Lanzillo Guitars
Emiliano Tessitore Guitars
Carlo Cruciani Bass
Giovanni Noè Drums



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