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July 2009
Released: 2009, Blistering Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

After hearing 2006's PHOENIX, my impression of these guys was that they were an Edguy clone. Half the record sounded like VAIN GLORY OPERA, rather flat and emulative, and ultimately boring. Their latest effort, EVERCIRCLE, definitely has that Edguy vibe. Let's face it, it's German Power Metal, there's some restraints there if a band buys completely into the genre, there's a limited amount of places one can go. But the Edguy comparisons will continue, mainly because of the similarity between vocalists.

Saidian do some things well here. Fourth song in is a ballad called 'Once In My Dreams' which is sung in a lower register, than breaks out to full Power Metal assault before coming home again. Also, Saidian start to sound almost progressive on tunes like 'Moonlight Calling' and 'The Sign in The Sky' with their driving tempos, changing melodies, and at times atmospheric production. I also enjoyed the cover of 'Tokyo' with it's powerful vocal it challenges the original.

So the similarities to Edguy remain, yet Saidian do bring some elements of their own style, and they seem to really attack a good riff when the chances arises. The keyboards are also very nice, at times the driving force. I also love how the language barrier comes to life in the song 'Stroke of Genius'. When I was a kid I loved finding these 'mistakes' on Accept and Scorpion records. During the cool gang vocal chorus of 'Stroke of Genius....' They say 'Genie-us'. I love it, not a bad song either.
Track Listing

1.Out Of The Shadows 04:34
2.Tokyo 03:56
3.Solomon‘s Dance 05:28
4.Once In My Dreams 07:01
5.Pale Moon Rider 05:31
6.Stroke Of Genius 06:03
7.Moonlight’s Calling 08:16
8.Sign In The Sky 05:11
9.The Princess 04:42
10.Halos For Everyone 05:22


Markus Engelfried (v)
Rodrigo Blattert (g)
Stephan Lüddemann (b)
Bernd Heining (d)
Markus Bohr (k)

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