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Sadistik Exekution
Fukk II
June 2004
Released: 2004, Osmose Productions
Rating: 0.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Sadistik Exekution is from Australia and somehow they have managed to release five full-length CDs since 1991?!?! I have never heard of them before my unfortunate experience with listening to FUKK II (the logical follow-up to 2002’s FUKK) and oh, how I wish I still hadn’t. This is just fucking terrible! I can appreciate noisy grindcore, brutal death and ugly black metal, but this garbage is devoid of any song structure whatsoever. The vocals are either belched out (“Bleeding Insanity”) or are mixed so poorly that everything comes out as cacophonous noise. “Arkhon the Grave Robber” opens with someone hocking up a loogie for nearly a minute, while the eloquently named “Shit” serves its title well. “The Electrik Chair” (what is with these guys’ fondness for the letter “K”??) features someone screaming and babbling incoherently over industrial sound effects…FOR SEVEN MINUTES! The guitars suffer the same fate and bleed together without any tangible riff or chord pattern.

It pisses me off to hear useless crap like this having a label deal, while I’m sent demos from good bands that are struggling to get signed. Osmose should be ashamed for defiling their own good name by inflicting rubbish like this on the world.

Track Listing

1. Inner Spiritual (Instrumental)
2. Homicidal Suicide
3. Bleeding Insanity
4. Mental Derailment
5. Arkhon The Grave Robber
6. Battered To Buggery
7. The Electrik Chair
8. Fukking Death Mental
9. Shit
10. Outer Spiritual (Instrumental)


Reverend Kriss Hades—Guitars
Dave Slave—Bass

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