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Silence In Explosion
February 2017
Released: 2016, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

From time to time I’ll review some local stuff from my hometown of Calgary, to do my part to support local acts. This month I’m look at two bands who have reelased EP’s, Ravenous and Silex. Feel free to check out both new bands to see what is going on deep in the underground.

Although technically Silex is based in Japan, there is a strong Calgary connection, namely that of Pete Klassen. Local rock star Pete (formerly of Penalizer, Zeh and more) is making a name for himself in Japan. I say ‘Rock Star’ not to be condescending but he carries that rock star vibe that, unfortunately, you don’t see too much any more!

This young melodic Metal act based in Tokyo released their debut EP SILENCE IN EXPLOSION in 2016 and if the three songs on this are any indication of what is coming, I predict this band will have a long and successful career. Running a painfully short 18 minutes I wanted more but I’ll take what I can get when the quality is this high.

I’ve seen Silex classified as melodic Metal, which is true, they are certainly melodic but I’d call them a straight-up Power Metal band. That openly flurry of a solo and the double-kick drum attack on the opening song, ‘Standing On The Empty Grave Of Yesterday’ could have fit on any number of classic Helloween albums. The soaring vocals of Pete sung in English will assure the band has more international accessibility. The soloing of Masha (formerly of Crying Machine) is out of this world, he can really shred! The second song is bit more restrained in terms of speed but catchy and performed really well with an excellent and subtle undercurrent of keyboards. This one has the most ‘hit’ potential, with a very accessible sound…so good! My favourite cut is the final cut, ‘Cry In The Starlight’, pure speedy, melodic Power Metal heaven. From the glorious opening scream to the surging rhythm section and blazing solos, this is a tour de force. Listen for the little neo-classical tribute segment at the end of the song! As perhaps can be expected from a Japanese act the production is perfect.

Japan loves Metal. An obvious statement I know, but my buddy Pete sent me a picture (via Facebook) of a picture of the EP on sale in stores in Japan. That is how professional and how serious Silex is. Get on the Silex bandwagon soon!
Track Listing

1. Standing On The Empty Grave of Yesterday
2. Canción De Amor
3. Cry In The Starlight


Pete Klassen -Vocal
Masha -Guitar
Hibiki -Bass
Yosuke -Drums

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