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Silent Voices
October 2004
Released: 2004, Low Frequency Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Now this shit truly rocks. By “shit” I mean something else than what usually comes from your ass after eating twenty-three double cheese burgers in a row. OK, cut the crap Luxi and concentrate. Take a deep breath and concentrate... good.

I clearly remember reviewing Silent Voices’ debut album CHAPTERS OF TRAGEDY in 2002, but as a fragile technology has proved many times before it isn’t any everlasting, immortal thing. I was forced to say good-bye to that particular review for good (amongst 115 other reviews as well) when had a rather unfortunate database corruption problem in May 2004. (FUCK...!! -Luxi´s color in his face turns to tomato) Let’s get back to the new album though.

First of all, I can’t really pun into proper words how good INFERNAL is. The band’s previous work is completely overshadowed by INFERNAL. An immediate observation as far as the songs on INFERNAL are concerned, is that Silent Voices sounds quite a lot of heavier, faster and more technical. It’s actually kind of amazing how much they have tightened, hardened and made their sound heavier. It’s as if they were trying to get rid of everything they were remembered for on their quite well-received debut album. Imagine a strange combination of those heavy, progressive and highly technical parts from Dream Theater’s AWAKE album being melted together with some of the catchiness of Abstract Algebra and Tarot and finally adding a healthy dose of heavy, yet crunchy guitar parts similar to Pantera.

As for some specific songs, the album’s opening tracks “End Of Days” and “On The Wings Of Rage” deserve to be mentioned as the strongest and most well-penned tunes that these guys have ever written. Both songs represent the band’s never-ending pursuit of catchy and memorable song structures. They stick to your mind, capturing your attention right from the start and never loosening the grip until the end. Timo Kauppinen has tamed his 6-stringer with a few extra touches and the riffs are some of the most effective I have heard from a progressive metal band. The man really knows how to enchant and entertain a listener. Michael Henneken is a damn gifted vocalist, using his voice in a variable and harmonic way, depending on the nature of a song. He sounds like a very trained vocalist and is capable of changing the tone of his voice several times within a song. For example, in “Disease: Man” he sounds a bit like Chris Cornell (Soundgarden). He is quite an extraordinary Finnish vocalist, I have to openly admit that.

Along with Helion’s FOOL’S PARADISE album, INFERNAL has convinced me and made the greatest impact this year as far as progressive Metal releases coming out from Finland are concerned. INFERNAL truly is a very good album. Truly enjoyable and recommended stuff. So please, do register this into your own nervous system, too. Silent´s Voices´ new album INFERNAL truly is worth picking up.
Track Listing

01. End of Days
02. On the Wings of Rage
03. Infernal Mind
04. Fate Divided
05. New World Order
06. Disease: Man
07. Prelude – The Spirit of Avalon
08. Avalon
I - Instinct to Resist
II - Lake of Regret
III – The New Beginning


Michael Henneken – Vocals
Timo Kauppinen – Guitar
Henrik Klingenberg – Keyboards
Pasi Kauppinen - Bass
Jukka-Pekka Koivisto – Drums

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