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Silent Overdrive
Babylon Nation
December 2005
Released: 2005, MDD
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Germany. The land of power metal. The land of thrash. The home of new metallic monsters Silent Overdrive. Formed in 2002, Silent Overdrive fits into neither of those genres, but has the potential to be as good as any band that Germany has spit out in a number of years. Taking influence from melodic death metal, Sentenced (I don’t hear it), top-tier metalcore bands like Heaven Shall Burn, and just a hint of thrash, Silent Overdrive violently pack BABYLON NATION (their debut) with 17 minutes of pure aggressive metal.

Ripping out of the gates with the thundering “Hope”, the guys quickly serve notice that they mean business. Sounding like a Heaven Shall Burn song crossed with Overkill’s “Under One”, the song is a nasty piece of work. It also features some great lead playing by Chris and Mario. Maik’s gruff hardcore-ish howls take some getting used to, but he injects just enough melody into his voice to keep you interested. Some of his melodic choices are questionable at times, like the higher parts during the chorus of “Emotionally Dead”. Overall though, he does a good job.

Still with “Emotionally Dead” – the song opens with an absolutely addictive riff that I imagine just slays when they’re playing live. Elsewhere, the band gets more melodic and catchy with “Not Your Home” which features some more great soloing from Chris and Mario. The lyrics are a little too angsty, but are acceptable. “Blessed” is another bizarre song lyrically, as it sounds like it could be a Poison song, except played in a melodic death style. Very strange.

Overall, Silent Overdrive isn’t quite ready for the big time, but they’ve built a very solid foundation with BABYLON NATION and are definitely worth checking out.
Track Listing

1) Intro
2) Hope
3) Babylon Nation
4) Emotionally Dead
5) Not Your Home
6) Blessed


Theo: Drums
Chris: Guitars
Maik: Vocals
Mario: Guitars
Yogi: Bass

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