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Silent Knight
Conquer & Command
March 2016
Released: 2015, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

If I had to pick the most under-rated Power Metal scene, I’d say Australia. There are so many just killer bands in the underground, they should be the envy of the global scene. Tragically geography makes it so hard for these wonderful bands (Black Majesty, Dragonsclaw, Empires Of Eden, Ilium, Dungeon, Pegazus, Bane of Winterstorm) to tour etc. Let’s add Silent knight to the list of the elite of Australian Power Metal bands shall we? They deserve it.

Silent Knight is a cool name for a band, reminiscent of other classic, dichotomous two-word band names like Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Blind Guardian. This five-piece from Perth released their second album, CONQUER & COMMAND in late 2015 as an independent release. Depicting a fearsome dragon on the cover the album is poised to entertain; a cool band name, cool album title and great artwork. Luckily for us, the music is also excellent.

The track-list is the classic and comfortable sequencing, an epic instrumental intro, a raging one-two punch of fast songs to start the album, seven more songs and closing off the party with a really fun cover of ‘The Final Countdown by Europe’, which as a side note is experiencing a resurge in popularity having been recently covered by Skylark, Van Canto and used by Sabaton in concert as entrance music. You can never have too many cover versions of ‘The Final Countdown’ and their version is quite ripping.

The lyrics are very metal and very true as well, ‘The Strike Of The Sword’, ‘The Call Of The Crow’ , ‘The Return of The Raven’ and and the superb testamanet to the power and glory of metal, ‘Power Metal Supreme’. One thing in like is the overall lyrical theme of movement and travel. All the songs have some reference to journey’s, travel, seasons, horizons, roads, destinations giving all the wqords an epic adventure feel without resorting to telling a straight-up song about a knight having an adventure which would also be cool). The vocals of Jesse are powerful, not too high, good mid-range and some gruffness with a strong delivery. The band is rock solid, good riffs lots of little blazing guitar parts to accompany the largely fast songs. On the ‘metal purity scale’ CONQUER & COMMAND is way up in the 90% range.
Track Listing

1. A Call to Arms
2. Conquer & Command
3. Empty Threat
4. Prisoner of Your World
5. The Call of the Crow
6. The Strike of the Sword
7. The Raven's Return
8. One by One
9. Power Metal Supreme
10. The Final Countdown


Jesse Onur Oz Vocals
Cam Nicholas Guitar
Stu McGill Guitar
Cameron Daw Bass
Paul Wrigley Drums



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