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Sadistic Intent
Resurrection of the Ancient Black Earth
April 2009
Released: 2009, Iron Pegasus Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Sadistic Intent, that have been spitting venom and black blood all the way from Los Angeles, California, since 1987 - are yet to record their debut full-length album. In fact, it feels like this relatively obscure death metal combo has been around forever, so the more mysterious things tend to become the more you think of them, without having any albums recorded during their long existence.

Here´s anyway another release from this legendary Cali-death metallers, worth material for a full-length album (about 51 minutes of ancient, sadistic death metal), but don´t expect any new material from Sadistic Intent as you won´t get any. Namely this 11-song effort contains Sadistic Intent´s now difficult-to-find 1994 RESURRECTION mini-LP, 1997 ANCIENT BLACK EARTH mini-LP and 2-song THE EXORCIST 7" EP (features Jeff Becerra from Possessed in "The Exorcist" as a guest), released in 1998. The main purpose for this package was made to give Sadistic Intent fans something else than cheaply made bootlegs that one is able to see for sale from time to time.

I have to take my hat off for Iron Pegasus Records from Germany that did a great job with this package - with glossy looking covers, lyrics, old Sadistic Intent band photos, etc. RESURRECTION OF THE ANCIENT BLACK EARTH is nearly the same package of Sadistic Intent material that Iron Pegasus Records put out from them in 2000 already as three different vinyl versions, but the two live tracks ("Eternal Darkness" and "Ancient Black Earth") that these vinyl versions featured, are now substituted by “Morbid Faith” and “The Exorcist” from MORBID FAITH EP, which is cool because that EP has already been long sold-out.

If you have never heard of Sadistic Intent before, then this compilation is a perfect way for you to start getting to know this mighty death metal act better. Sadistic Intent plays death metal the way it should be played in the first place. It sounds dark, twisted, evil, brutal and is full of all those tiny, little ingredients what makes their brand of death metal such classic sounding underground death metal. Many have compared their style to early Morbid Angel era ABOMINATIONS-ALTARS, and I think that´s where the sound of Sadistic Intent basically originates from. However, fear not they are still far from being Morbid Angel copycats. They do have their own vision wrapped around the concept of Sadistic Intent both musically and lyrically, and in all honesty they beat 99% of today´s over-polished death metal bands with their stuff that has stayed very loyal to its underground roots for more than 2 decades already.

This is a very essential yet mandatory package of Sadistic Intent´s songs, summing up the best-of-the-band somewhat perfectly. If you don´t have this yet, then get it immediately if dark, evil and underground-ish death metal is what sets your ass on fire in the best possible way. Sadistic Intent have always ruled - and will always rule!!
Track Listing

01. Resurrection *
02. Asphyxiation *
03. Conflict Within *
04. Dark Predictions *
05. Condemned in Misery *
06. A Mass for Tortured Souls *
07. Untimely End **
08. Ancient Black Earth **
09. Funeral Obscure **
10. Morbid Faith ***
11. The Exorcist ***


* taken from 1994 RESURRECTION M-CD

** taken from 1997 ANCIENT BLACK EARTH M-CD

*** taken from 1998 THE EXORCIST 7" EP


Bay Cortez - Vocals and bass
Rick Cortez - Guitar
Ernesto Bueno - Guitar
Emilio Marquez - Drums

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