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Silent Call
June 2010
Released: 2010, Escape
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Silent Call has quite a bit of history. Members have come and gone from various bands over the years including membership in Creozoth, Elsesphere, Fate, Oz and others. Pulling it all together a few years back the band issued their debut and now in 2010 are back with a second kick at the can.

The first and foremost asset are the soaring vocals of Andi Kravljaca. He has a powerful set of pipes and drives the songs along with range and power. He does use the higher registers with clarity and emotion. There is a fine balance between the keyboards and the guitars neither one taking the forefront. Some people don’t like keyboards in their metal, fair enough, but in progressive based Metal there are a valuable and interesting addition to any song. That goes for the acoustic piano and synthesized symphonic elements as well.

The songs are quite heavy and driving despite the heavy use of keyboards, the guitar tone anchoring the songs bringing back into the metal realm quite efficiently. Imagine Dream Theater in their heavier, more straight-ahead moments and you might get a sense of the balance between the instruments.

It is hard to find that perfect balance in the Prog-Metal genre, many bands sway to one side or the other but Silent Call seem to have found that sweet-spot. The whole album is very musical and accomplished but without resorting to repetition of simple, catchy hooks. GREED is a fine effort and a good addition to the large number of prog-power bands active in 2010.
Track Listing

1. Every Day
2. I Am My Nation
3. Through The Endless Night
4. All That Might Be
5. Dream Tomorrow
6. Turn The Tide
7. Unbreakable
8. Falling From Grace
9. When The Angel's Call Your Name
10. The Wages Of Greed
11. Clavain's Tale


Andi Kravijaca-Vocals
Daniel Ekholm-Guitar
Tobbe Moen-Bass
Patrick Ulfstrom-Keyboards
Micke Kvist-Drums

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