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Signum Regis
The Eyes Of Power
December 2010
Released: 2010, Inner Wound
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

In case you don’t play musical chairs or follow the inner workings of the Slovakian Power Metal scene, the band Signum Regis is essentially the band Vindex. They seem to exist simultaneously with different singers and essentially the same line-up with a minor change here and there. Vindex has put our three records and THE EYES OF POWER is the second release for Signum Regis. I only have one Vindex album (POWER FORGE) but the bands do sound significantly different.

One advantage that Signum Regis has is the recruitment of vocalist Goran Edman. His classy vocals have been a highlight of the dozen or so bands he has been in over the years. THE EYES OF POWER is a standard but not unremarkable slab of Power Metal. Goran’s vocals are supplemented by some decent harmonized back-up vocals and gang vocals.

There is a ton of Power Metal out there and the band doesn’t really offer anything that is unique or innovative. However, the strength in the band lies in the songs. The choruses at times are huge and encourage the listeners to indulge in a sing-along. The songs are really well done and they might be the only thing that put this band over the top compared to the dozens and dozens of other bands in this crowded genre.

The pace is mid-tempo to fast but not really blazingly fast. The guitars are crunchy with lots of good soloing but not overpowering. There are some little hints of keyboards to add depth and atmosphere as heard on cuts like, ‘The Underground Temple’. The band is not afraid to take some risks, like the opening track being a non-traditional ‘fast’ opener, but instead opting for bass-laden three-minute instrumental intro. The whole project runs through a theme of ancient Persia in the middle ages so there are a few hints of exotic sounds.

I was immediately impressed by THE EYES OF POWER, more-so than Vindex and I keep coming back to it, which is the hallmark of a good record with good songs. It may not be the heaviest, fastest, flashiest, craziest album and it seems to lack a bit of identity, but the songs and individual performances more than make up for it. If you are not a dedicated Traditional/Power Metal fan this album may not stand out but if you are a student of the genre this is well worth your time.
Track Listing

1. Renewal In The East
2. Dura Europos
3. Purpleborn
4. Mystical Majesty
5. One Fatal Enterprise
6. The Underground Temple
7. Oathbreaker
8. Roma Aeterna
9. Destroyers Of The World


Göran Edman - Vocals
Filip Koluš - Guitar
Ado Kaláber - Guitar
Ronnie König - Bass
Ján Tupý - Keyboards
Adrian Ciel - Drums



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