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Signum Regis
Decennium Primum
January 2017
Released: 2017, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP has been a fan of Ronnie Konig since the very early days with his early project Vindex. After morphing the band into Signum Regis, he has never really looked back. Churning out five full-length studio albums in just under a decade, the band is really on a role.

The new album is called DECENNIUM PRIMUM or ‘First Decade’ and by an odd coincidence, another excellent Power Metal band in the form of the Florida’s Seven Kingdoms also have an 2017 studio album called DECENNIUM. Aside from both using a relatively obscure word in their album title, in another odd twist both bands have the king/Regis reference in their name. There is your daily dose of Metal Trivia.

Looking back at the batch of Signum Regis albums reviews on this site, (all reviewed by this author) the consistency in quality, despite the inconsistency in the line-up is quite impressive. The band has churned out yet another superb Melodic Power Metal album as they are building a very impressive catalogue album by album. It’s good to note the line-up has stabilized and for the first time the roster is the same as the last album.

After the obligatory instrumental introductory piece, the speedy opener takes off and heads for the hills at high speed. In a bit of a nice twist there is a brief, perhaps flamenco-inspired section in the song, something I did not expect. It reminded me a bit of when the band Conception used to do that, out of the blue throw in a little acoustic Spanish type guitar section. One of my favourite cuts is the more straight-forward track ‘Screaming for Justice’ completely with the sound of the metal hammer ringing out and coming down on the sinners. ‘Kingdom Of Light’ falls into grandeur with a seeping epic, almost Power ballad. Elsewhere ‘Thunder And Rain’ brings the thunder with another awesome double-kick driven, riff heavy song. Vocalist ‘Mayo’ has really settled into the role and his gritty, powerful voice delivers us tales of ancient times, biblical stories and an over-arching hint of Christian themes and topics, without being overtly White Metal. This is nothing new, Signum Regis has always had powerful religious messages without being preachy. The production, is also excellent as well.

DECENNIUM PRIMUM is as good as anything Signum Regis have done and that sits well with me. Chalk it up to great song-writing, good individual performances and a driving Metal spirit that help they band become what they are today. Perhaps the only other change worth noting is that the band has released this album independently so it is more important than ever to go and buy your hard copy directly from the band.
Track Listing

1. Decennium Primum
2. Unfold the Mystery
3. Damnatio ad bestias
4. Screaming for Justice
5. Kingdom of Light
6. The Future King
7. Well Deserved
8. Thunder and Rain
9. Train to Neverland
10. A Psalm of Life


Marián Petranin Vocals
Filip Koluš Guitars
Ronnie König Bass
Ján Tupý Keyboards
Jaro Jančula Drums



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