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Signum Regis
Chapter IV: The Reckoning
March 2016
Released: 2015, Ulterium Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Following rather quickly on the heels of the THROUGH THE STORM EP in mid 2015 Signum Regis rounded out a busy year with a new full-length studio album their 4th to be exact.

In a vast and competitive field it is hard to establish an identity and it is even harder when a band like Signum Regis keeps changing singers. It makes (at times) it harder for listeners to really grasp onto the band as having a signature sound. Following the departure of Goran Edman, the last album EXODUS had a whole pile of different signers and now the band have recruited Mayo Petranin. To be honest I didn’t like his voice but now after a few listens I hear what founder Ronnie Konig heard when picking a new singer. Mayo was a guest for one song on EXODUS so he must have been invited back! His tone and delivery are darker than Edman and despite being a bit too far back in the mix he has great tone and grit to his voice.

Signum Regis is still with Ulterium and now have a nice stable line-up now with the addition of Petranin and the new album CHAPTER IV: THE RECKONING sounds like they have something to prove. The last album was pretty epic; sweeping and grand in scope, this one is way more streamlined, darker, maybe even a shade faster. They blast through 10 songs in 50 minutes delivering track after track of solid European Power Metal. That phrase can mean a lot of things but the songs are not the happy Power Metal of a Freedom Call nor is it the catchy sing-along Power Metal of a band like Sabaton, they fall more into the realm of bands like Falconer, Sinbreed and Brainstorm. It is still all very melodic with lots of keyboards in the background but is has a sense of urgency and intensity that I like. The whole album is pretty fast and every song has a great guitar solo and some nice backing vocals as well. It ends off with a lush semi-ballad, semi-epic full of time changes and different musical components where they stretch out in the creative song-writing department. After a long intro segment with some acoustic piano it gears up for the second half to make a strong conclusion to a fairly intense record.

Admittedly CHAPTER IV: THE RECKONING is a bit of a stylistic change and that is what perhaps caught me off guard the first listen but they have evolved into quite the powerhouse. I’m very curious if the band stay in this style or evolve yet again on the next album. Either way we will have some world-class Metal to enjoy.
Track Listing

1. Lost and Found
2. The Secret of the Sea
3. The Voice in the Wilderness
4. Prophet of Doom
5. The Magi
6. Quitters Never Win
7. Tempter of Evil
8. When Freedom Fails
9. The Kingdom of Heaven
10. Bells Are Tolling


Mayo Petranin Vocals
Filip Koluš Guitar
Ronnie König Bass
Ján Tupý Keyboards
Jaro Jančula Drums



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