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Signatura Rerum
In Sfarsit ...
September 2013
Released: 2013, Self-Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Taking the symphonic greatness of Emperor and the natural beauty of STORMBLAST era Dimmu Borgir and distilling their essence into the perfect black metal elixir IN SFARSIT marks the Romanian’s debut album. With Echivoc still handling vocals, Exitus playing bass and Stihia and Varcolac tremolo picking the six strings of satanic chaos, the original full line-up is still well intact.

Opening with atmospheric opener In, leading through into the first proper track, "Muntele Inghetat", which takes a slightly refined approach, but without any appropriate black metal ferocity lost. The sound is a whirlwind of grandiose, in a world of beautiful cacophony and mayhem. "Blestem Soptit" is one of the best tracks I’ve heard all month, with it’s winding, icy chill and head banging drum patterns. The clean-sung vocals are operatic, as you would expect, but take on an obviously eastern-European feel which adds to the character of it all. There’s more enchanting darkness to be found on track four, Apusulm, which even adopts more, dare I say “catchy” elements. No black metal record would be complete without a creepy outro, and Din, track 5 ticks that box nicely.

At around 30 minutes long, this record is all killer, no filler, and most modern black metal bands should take note. With it’s atmospheric quality and enthusiasm, I’m sure I’ll be back for many more plays. I have a good feeling that with several more listens, this record could become one of my favourites of 2013. This however, adds to the shame that this album is only available digitally, as I think it would work well as an overall experience on vinyl. That said, you can’t take a turntable into the woods, but on MP3 format you can pop it on your uber-kvlt Ipod or smartphone and go for a long, aimless walk, getting lost in nature with Signatura Rerum.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

01 - In
02 - Muntele Inghetat
03 - Blestem Soptit
04 - Apusul
05 – Din


Echivoc - Vocals
Exitus - Bass
Stihia - Rythm Guitar
Varcolac - Lead Guitar

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