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May 2005
Released: 2005, Self-released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Uuaarghh... this shit fuckin´ HURTS like Hell!!! Sightless, hailing from Tampere, Finland, plays their own brand of thrashing Death Metal in such way that could easily be described by such familiar yet cliché-filled words such as ´evil´, ´aggressive´, ´blasphemous´, ´crushing´, ´perverted´ and other nice quality words that your brain may produce while listening to this ´Christ-raping´ piece of utter, death-reeking brutality that the Sightless -camp has managed to produce on the band´s latest demo-CD titled RECRICIFY. I mean, Sightless are truly damn frighteningly good at what they do – and that´s creating such a furiously raging blackish thrashing metallic firestorm through their music that does not separate friends from enemies, but kills every living creature by the first hit.

Or if we used some more commonly used and known words for describing Sightless a bit better, do you think it would be hard to imagine a thrashier version for Deicide´s self-titled landmark album, spiced with faster tempos, a bit more technical touch and some occasional Black Metal type of vocal ripping´n´spitting here and there - and with a sound that has been updated to this very decade? That is what I got out this absolutely neck-breaking 4-song release anyway. The band continues from those musically rewarding firm and deep beast´s steps where they left off on their 4-track promo which they unleashed last year. Nothing has changed that drastically in the song writing of the band; only a slight amount of a sheer aggressiveness and some more variation have been added to the songs on RECRUCIFY and the result is nothing but truly impressive and breath-taking.

The first song “Higher Art of Bleeding” just rips and roars through the room, being a hysterically fast-paced song, and churned out with a neck-break speed while “Sell Your Messiah” sort of reminds me strongly of Deicide´s riff-fest on 45rpm most of the time. The other two songs, “Unleashed” and the title track of the promo in question, “Recrucify” fuel the massive sea of Hell fire even more, both songs basically spitting out more lethal venom than ten thousands rattle snakes about being ready to release the fucking fury.

RECRUCIFY isn´t any ´nice-yet-easy-to-swallow-music´ in terms of utterly sweet and tasty melodies and beautiful harmonies, but more like a violent and blasphemous act how Hell can be unleashed the way only a few are able to do in today´s underground Metal scene. Now get yourself re-crucified by this wonderfully killer band and feel their burning fire.
Track Listing

01. Higher Art of Bleeding
02. Sell Your Messiah
03. Unleashed
04. Recrucify


Ilkka Uusitalo – Vocals
Teemu Raunio – Guitar
Tero Rantamäki – Guitar
Jaakko Oksanen - Bass
Rolf Pilve – Drums

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