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Sadis Euphoria
Instinct | Obsession
January 2003
Released: 2003, Willowtip
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Enygma

Sadis Euphoria is a brutal death metal band that hails from Pittsburgh. This is their debut full-length, after the 2001 mini CD release "Frigid Silence Spilling". Let's not mince words here: this is down-tuned, dense, technical death metal. Either you love it or you hate it.

Sadis Euphoria has managed to craft fourteen songs of a strangely poetic quality (and which, appropriately, often borrow heavily from medical studies of endo-anatomy). These lyrics are delivered with the typical "if I grunt any deeper I am gonna confuse submarine navigation equipment" vocals. The rest of the technical death metal trade-marks are intact: the atonal guitar solos, the apocalyptic chord progressions, the tempo changes, the mellow interludes... All done with undeniable skill. Yet to me, something is missing: the music sounds formulaic and generic. Yes, it is intricate. Yes, it is well written. But surely there should be more than that: death metal should make you want to dissect chickens in the fridge. If death metal makes you lose your attention so much that you start thinking about gardening chores (and I don't mean assaulting trees with chainsaws but rather gently watering roses), something is missing.

The field in which Sadis Euphoria operates is a very limited field, in my opinion. Bands playing raw extreme metal either need to do something unprecedented to remain "extreme", or do something established so well that the listener forgets that he/she has heard it before. Sadis Euphoria has the skills to make at least some ripples in the death metal pond, but they need to stop playing it safe and do something different. As it stands, I find the band's music neither particularly original nor particularly enticing, though I suspect that rabid death metal fans will find more to appreciate in their music than I did.
Track Listing

1. Hathos
2. In Ritual
3. Through Your Vains
4. Suicide Buckets
5. Drift
6. Burning in Flesh
7. Strings of Intellect
8. Divine Incisions
9. An Inquiry of Threshold
10. Serotonin Fever
11. Apoptotic Root
12. Dreams of Brighter Color
13. Lake of Pigs


Steve Sherer - Vocals
Jack Flynn - Guitars
Mike Bartek - Drums
Jeremiah Watts - Bass



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