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Myths And Constellations
June 2014
Released: 2014, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

From out of nowhere (Madrid,Spain, to be more precise) this incredible progressive, symphonic Power Metal band has arrived. MYTHS AND CONSTELLATIONS is their debut independent album and it is world class. Based on the band name, apparently there is some connection to a popular videogame or anime, but I’m not a gamer so I’ll leave that up to the fans to make the connection. Please do not get this awesome Power Metal band confused with the lame rap band called The Side Quest.

MYTHS AND CONSTELLLATIONS, like any good Prog/Power album is a concept album about the Saint Seiya Japanese manga series. This massive world-wide hit became to be known as Knights Of The Zodiac and was followed by albums, movies, and a musical. Unfortunately for me, I’m not familiar with the series so some of the subtle detail in the lyrics are lost on me but I’m sure fans will be delighted at the references. This might seem weird, a Spanish band, doing a Northern European style of Metal about a Japanese comic book, but in the late 80’s the series was issued in Spain as "Los Caballeros del Zodiaco" and was extremely popular.

Sidequest is fronted by the stunning vocals of Grace Taylor, who delivers powerful soprano style vocals. Taylor is accompanied by Guillermo, and the pair compliment each other very nicely as they trade verse or sing together in a duet style at times. All of MTYHS AND CONSTEALTIONS is utterly epic and bombastic. Racing drums, soaring vocal lines, huge amounts of choirs, symphonic parts and orchestration put this way up into Rhapsody/Nightwish/Epica territory. The pace of the album is pretty fast with some slower parts for juxtaposition. There is narration, sound effects, these guys threw everything into the mix. The sound is stellar as good as any big label production. The songs are engaging and well written but not too long or pretentious, most of the mare in the 4-6 minute range. The album is very much like a soundtrack, very sweeping and grand in scale telling the tale but never leaving behind the chugging guitars to give it that much need bite.

Sidequest is yet another fine example of how a young, hungry band can achieve great results without the help of a record label. I expect to hear more about them in the future as this powerful debut will help make a name for themselves on the global scene.
Track Listing

1. Wings Of Hope
2. Iced Heart
3. Dragons Die Killing
4. Hate Everyone
5. The Zodiac War Part I
6. The Zodiac War Part II
7. Twin Soul
8. Asgard
9. Undersea Wedding
10. Alaya Vijnana


Guillermo Riesgo-Vocals/Guitar
Grace Taylor-Vocals
Fede Agudo-Bass guitar

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