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Requiem Of The World
March 2017
Released: 2017, M Theory
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I get a lot of music every month and it is always a painful chore to decide what gets some attention. I wish I could cover it all, but that is not the case. One review I bumped towards the top of the pile is the sophomore effort by Sicocis.

The Las Vegas quartet have released their second album REQUIEM OF THE WORLD in late February and it’s quite impressive. I had not heard the indie debut and these guys have been signed to M-Theory. That is the cool record label run by Marco B. formerly of Century Media for all those years. He has an ear for innovative bands and a track record to prove it. If he likes these guys, there is something there. If I had to guess a nation of origin, I would have sworn up and down they were from Sweden or something. For a Vegas band they have a very European sound. The overall sound and style is cold, clinical and a bit sterile (all in a good way) and firmly in the modern death-thrash camp. There were many, many of these types of bands that came out in the late 90’s, early 2000 in Northern Europe, many of which are still going today…Soilwork, In Flames, Dimension Zero, Carnal Forge, Dew Scented, Children Of Bodom… all those guys. I’m not suggested they mimic that sound completely but Sicocis has a really cool sound. It blends fast and clean clinical precision, a clean-harsh vocal trade off, tons of ripping solos and some little hints of modern industrial touches. These keyboards parts, the little sonic quirks and quarks and production tricks are not annoying, they are just placed nicely in the songs and never too obtrusive; which is wise to show some restraint because too much of that extraneous stuff can detract from the overall ‘meatless’ of the sound. The dual vocals work well, the harsh vocals sit around a Chuck Billy type of heaviness, not totally guttural death Metal vox, but pretty rough and raw.

The band has sequenced the songs and running order very nicely. I appreciate when a band takes the time and effort to put thought into how the album as a whole will sound. There are 11 songs that run but there are three brief, atmospheric, progressive instrumentals which divide the album up very nicely. A highlight of the album is a two-part track called ‘Dawn Of The Final Day (Requiem for The world Parts I & II) that bookend the album. This album has really nice flow. I haven’t heard an abum that blended speed, aggression, progressive parts, keyboards all so seamless into to exciting song-writing for a long time. They avoid just randomly throwing weird parts in, just because they can (something some prog bands suffer from) but in the cases of Sicocis, the song comes first. In fact, it took me a few listens to wrap my head around REQUIEM OF THE WORLD but when is sunk in, I am hooked. The album is crushingly heavy in parts, and so tender in others and yes, I know that that sounds lame but it’s true. There are bits and pieces that accent the heaviness, a few sound effects, a bit of acoustic piano, something that maybe sounds like a flute? but never do they get all Hollywood soundtrack in style, the songs are still as heavy as hell. This is a truly cohesive piece of heavy art start to finish.

By the way, if you were wondering how to pronounce the bands name…don’t worry, I was too. I went and looked it up. Pyschosis, (Si-Co-Cis) get it? Well done. This is really worth your time.
Track Listing

Ernie Rodrigues Vocals, guitar
Rafael Ortega Guitar, keyboards
Rob McDonald Drums
Travis Perry Vocals, Bass


1. Principium Est Finis
2. Dawn of the Final Day (Requiem of the World, Pt. I)
3. We Shall Rise
4. Warships Omerta
5. World Torn
6. Transitus Novum Principium
7. Beyond the Quantum Waves
8. With Open Eyes
9. Isolated Salvation
10. The Outcry Signal
11. Dawn of the New Day (Requiem of the World, Pt. II)



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