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Shroud of Despondency
Tied to a Dying Animal
March 2014
Released: 2014, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I'm not really sure what I was expecting when the latest album by Shrouded in Despondency landed in my lap, but it certainly wasn't what I got, I can tell you that much. I think we put a lot of stock sometimes in a band name, it creates an image in your head, then you look at the album cover etc, especially if its a band you aren't familiar with. That is exactly what has happened here, I think I expected some kind of srak gothic black metal album or something. Instead what I got was a fairly nice surprise as I was greeted with something in the more grindcore/melodic death metal realm.

With that said it's hard to label Shroud of Despondency as there are so many flavours in their particular musical soup, which makes for quite a potent mix. You get the guitar harmonies, and the quick fire riffs of thrash melded with the paint stripping vocals of Carcass and At The Gates, with a hint of Morbid Angel in there as well. A track like 'Clenched Jaw' in lesser hands could come across contrived or like it was designed to imitate someone else, but that isn't the case here. Shroud of Despondency have a confidence in their craft, and with this album being self released, its clear they know who they are and exactly what they are doing, which is always good to see in a band.

Tied to a Dying Animal is a great album, full of bone crushing, head band inducing tunes, but that doesn't mean its not without its flaws, but even then they are minimal. Whilst the album is full of punch, at 17 tracks long (for the standard edition) it does suffer from bloat and is a little too long in the running time, and its in that, you realise that there are some tracks that do sound similar and that on repeated listens there is a real danger of things all blurring into one,and it could have done with a bit of a trim, with that said that doesn't affect the overall quality of the album on display and may be more a statement on my attention span than the quality of the album itself.

If you are looking for something new to put in your ears to satisfy your melodic death grindcore needs then you could do a lot worse than Tied to a Dying Animal, so go give it a look.

Review by Simon Crampton
Track Listing

A Man Can Dream
Clenched Jaw
The Life Of Fire
Winter and Warmth
Long Hours
What you Remember
A tribute to Barren land
Over (coming, taking, breeding)
Untamed Energy
The sunset through Sulfur
The whore and the politician
Prominent Cross
Towards the source of wind
Coat of arms


Rory Heikkila-Guitars
Jon Liedtke-Guitars
Tyler Okrzesik-Bass
Ron Blemberg-Vocals

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