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Shroud of Despondency
August 2012
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

It’s always hard to place bands, which ones are piss-poor, which ones reach the dizzying heights of greatness and which ones are distinctly mediocre. Shroud of Despondency don’t like to keep you guessing as they tread a very fine line between poor and mediocre. They are decent musicians, everything is so tight, so it comes as a shame that they lack the vision to craft anything that would stand out against the plethora of similar acts – the ones that mean you turn up late to gigs so you don’t have to stand through their set.

It’s clear to see what they are aiming for, which creates a sense of frustration as we can but sit idly by as they fail to create the album that they are clearly hoping to.

Track-wise there isn’t anything in particular that stands out as the ideas run out way before they make it onto the third track (which is at best a generous estimate). They trudge through track after track, wandering rather aimlessly in their attempt to create a dark masterpiece, instead mashing together something as evil as a Simpsons Halloween special. Before long their ambling loses all real focus, and they throw together riffs that just don’t sit comfortably together at all, and their efforts descend into anarchy – and not the good kind.

It’s obvious what they were going for, but instead of creating a dark and demonic leviathan that lurches forward demolishing all in its path, they have a slow and stuttering record, which I can’t delete from my iPod quick enough.

Review by Sam McKavanagh
Track Listing

01 Wanderlust (Winged Seed in the Breeze)
02 Overshadow
03 New Trees
04 Wanderlust (Moist Soil)
05 The Great Sadness Descends
06 Half Open Gates
07 Wanderlust (Seedling)
08 Light Words, Dark Graves
09 Nameless End
10 Wanderlust (Lightning Precedes Fire)
11 The Unchaining of an Animal


Rory Heikkila - Guitar
Jon Liedtke - Guitar
Ron Blemberg - Vocals
Spencer Powers - Drums
Tyler Okrzesik - Bass

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