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Shrine of Insanabilis
Disciples of The Void
September 2015
Released: 2015, W.T.C Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This black metal debut from Shrine of Insanabilis is definitely worth checking out, the old skool 90s black metal influence is apparent in the guitars and drums. Plus the whole album vibe is dark, atmospheric and moody. The bio describes "Disciples of the Void" as comprising of six testimonies to the fiery aspiration for enlightenment through inconceivable nothingness, which itself sounds compelling.

Track "Ruina" has a catchy guitar loop mixed with blast beat drumming, which leads into a slower (almost doomy) guitar riff. The drowned vocals under the layers of noise resurface before kicking the pace back up. The guitars in "Acusual Paths" become quite over layered with the drumming and lose their edge, which results in the the lose of the bass. However in a lot of black metal production that can be normal and on purpose.

The mid part of the album starts with "Invocation" with it's guitar dominance in mid section, it has a good build up mixed with the bass and slower drum beat. The song sounds like it is climbing up to its climax with deep vocals doomy over the top, before breaking into the usual high speed sound. It is a highlight track at 7:45 in length. "Still of the Earth" guitar instrumental again carries you away into the darkness, then breaking into screams and intense drums. I wanted more groove at times, but the guitar skills are fitting for the album style. "Cycles and Circles" however does have another great guitar riff and groove.

The later half of the album has "Acerbus" which offers chunky intro, leading to a down speed on the drum that really comes into its element. "Omega" is a fitting outtro to a pretty satisfying debut with a lot going for it, there is room for growth and development. However what they try to accomplish here is good, the drumming is solid with the slower parts giving some texture to the album. The guitar solos are good when they are given time to breath around the drumming, which is what i wanted to hear more of. Overall this album is dark, eerie, and deafening with layers of noise which is superb.

Review by Joanna Wilson
Track Listing

1.End All
3.Acausal Paths
6.Still Of This Earth
7.Cycles And Circles


Shrine of Insanabilis



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