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Sad Eyes
March 2013
Released: 2013, Razed Soul
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

What an interesting album this is, with a small towns worth of personnel featuring on this nonchalant death metal album, this is definitely an interesting listen.

The album, “9HOB1A” features 14 guitarists, 4 bassists and 2 vocalists; however most of the music is recorded by Santi Gzles (Sad Eyes). Safe to say that this is not your everyday death metal album, it is quite the intriguing listen with some excellent arrangements; Santi Gzles is really onto something here.

With such a wide array of talent on this album it’s no wonder that each song leaves with something different to think about. Hooks ranging from the most melodic of riffs to the purest of thrash in an instant will leave you wanting more. Track 3; 391573MO was the first to grab me instantly with the opening riff, the song incorporates a lot of groove and some high standard production and vocals with some very potent bass. I have no idea what the song means, but I like it!

The ideas are forward moving and fresh, and I can definitely see this album receiving high acclaim amongst the many companies that will undoubtedly be reviewing it, with one of them being right here from yours truly!

I almost want to refrain from calling this album death metal, however in doing so I would sound like an elitist giving a band a genre that includes about six different sub genres, but with this much personnel, who can blame me? In any instance, I prefer to categorise this as more Thrash and Melodic with Death metal influences.

Track 4 'A9H3N9H05' is absolutely phenomenal, with some of the best guitar work I’ve heard in a very long time and some of the catchiest hooks and most commanding vocals I’ve heard in an even longer time.

Admittedly there’s not a great deal I can say on the background of Sad Eyes or the featuring musicians, what I can say is that they have all put together a fantastic listen and I genuinely look forward to seeing the response.

The production overall sounds great, drums sound particularly satisfying, not to mention all the different guitars.

Would I buy this album? Yes I would, and I’d recommend it to any metal head with long hair and a beard, and those without to grow a beard and long hair. I would do so myself but it really doesn’t suit me.

Review by Andrew May
Track Listing

1. 53L3N0
2. H3D3N0
3. 391573MO
4. A9H3N9H05
5. AU70
6. NIK3
7. 0D1N0
8. 50MN1
9. FR0N3M0


All songs composed, executed and arranged by Santi Gzlez.
All instruments recorded by Santi Gzlez, except collaborations:

Guitar: Acholarlos; Exquisite pus; Symptoms of lethargy
Exo - Noctem
Gorka Laheraan - Natural Born
Ivan Duran - Hybrid
JL Montans - Kathaarsys; Rara Vez
Oscar Comendador - Mind Holocaust; Evil Rise
Pol Luengo - Aggression
Ricardo Moreno - Vodevil Vargas
Knell Odyssey - Ex-Avulsed
Samuel Morales - Helevorn
Sandro Vizcaino - Helevorn
Vrolok D. - Demised
David Mendoza - Hardkuannon; Antropormorfia
Paco Espada - Johnny Blood

Carlos Mejias - Thirs of Revenge
Kike Capilla - Rex Devs

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