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Shivers Addiction
Choose Your Prison
March 2016
Released: 2016, revalve records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Shivers Addiction are an Italian band formed in 2004 by two musical minded friends Marco Panizzo (gutarist and composer) and Angelo “Depo” De Polignol (drummer). By 2005 the band solidified another member, this time bassist Fabio Cova. It was in the time after the first EP “Shivers Addiction” that the band went through a series of line-up changes, Gino Pecoraro (guitar player and vocalist of the old thrash metal band Nuclear Symphony) and Olga Pezzali (vocals) became members of the band changing the sound to some degree.

This line-up would go on to be the one for the 2011 home-made album “Nobody's Land”: 12 songs showing the new sound of the band, creating a focused on metal/hard-rock feel with plenty of prog, folk and thrash influences. In 2013 Olga left the band and Marco Cantoni (vocalist of Cyrax) took over vocal duties, back and reloaded Shiver's Addiction return with "Choose Your Prison".

"Eternal Damnation" Opens up the preceding with its Megadeth like bass line that soon spills into an epic slowed out guitar riff. Which pumps the track into a blend of thrash speeds delivered in a prog-manner. The band seem to be already going for a mixture of sounds to try and match the melodic vocals of Marco, which to some degree work.

Although in places such as on tracks "We live on a lie" the vocals work, but they counterpart feel strained to fit to music. "The King and the Guillotine" goes for a full on assault of power metal that would delight any fan of Dream theatre or Hammerfall as it ticks all the right boxes. The not quite Macabre Iron maiden riffs continue over tracks " Money Makes the Difference" and "Freedom". The two tracks work together on this sound writing foundation, of trying to NWOBHM blended with bay area thrash while actually sounding like a Iced Earth Tribute band.

There is no denying the band have grown since inception while every song sounds delicately different and the band themselves sound contrasting to their original sound. However, in places such as " Where Is My Future" and " Painted Arrow" it feels like the band are trying to mix too many music styles, and only shine through when they focus on the solid rock harmonies and keep it simple. "Death Has Nothing to Teach" the final track on the album is where the full blown excitement for the album flourishes with rich distorted guitars and melodies in the vocals and keyboard arrangements can come into their own.

Overall the band's sound and arrangements add a prog power flavour to the album. With it's strong sound of folk-like list fullness in places. Experimentation it seems was high on the agenda whilst writing this album. There are some patches throughout the play through that make you feel a bit lost and confused by its delivery. Having said this it's strong and weak points that make it not for everyone are these changes of style every so often, it's cleverly written and has a good range of powerful moments on the record.

Review by Ashlinn Nash
Track Listing

01 Eternal Damnation
02 We Live on a Lie
03 La mort qui danse
04 The King and the Guillotine
05 Money Makes the Difference
06 Freedom
07 Where Is My Future
08 Painted Arrow
09 Against We Stand
10 Death Has Nothing to Teach
11 Painted Arrow (Feat: Evelyn) Cd Bonus Track


GINO PECORARO Guitar, 2nd voice and backing



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