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Shining Star
Enter Eternity
April 2006
Released: 2005, Nightmare Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Another Nightmare Records album, another album with Lance King on vocals. I swear, this guy is in more bands than Steve DiGiorgio! Seriously, that’s two albums this month with him, and another one coming next month (hmm, which one???). It’s a good thing his vocals are damn good! Anyway, Shining Star is actually the brainchild of Brazilian guitarist Fabio Rocha, who has thus far released 5 CDs on his own, as well as one other Shining Star album (2000’s FATAL MISTAKE). Apparently the band had issues with their Brazilian records company that held up the release of new material, so it has taken them almost five years to get their sophomore disc released.

Start to finish, ENTER ETERNIRY is melodic metal with hints of progressive and power metal. Think late ‘80s Yngwie Malmsteen or early Kamelot. Featuring the guitar histrionics of Rocha and the powerful vocals of King, the album whips along from one catchy riff to the next, even cheesing it up for the totally ‘80s-sounding “Dangerous Game”. “Love is a gaaaaaaammme, daaaangerous gaaamme!” Sorry…it’s catchy.

Both Rocha and keyboardist Dinho Zampier can shred it with the best of them, adding some appreciated fireworks to the admittedly cliché proceedings. Credit to Lance King too, as his vocals on this album are slightly different from his other bands. They are higher and more melodic. It helps distinguish his many projects that he can alter his voice like that and still maintain his unique sound.

After all, all Nightmare Records seems to release nothing but quality albums, and Shining Star is no different. ENTER ETERNITY is not the most original album but it is an enjoyable listen for fans of melodic metal with a classic sound.
Track Listing

1) Nightmare
2) Insanity
3) From Now On
4) Dangerous Game
5) Insomnia
6) Never Too Late
7) Just a Man
8) No More
9) Lady of the Night
10) Travel Through Time


Lance King: Vocals
Fabio Rocha: Guitars
Juliano Collombo: Drums
Kuky Sanchez: Bass
Dinho Zampier: Keyboards



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