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The Ultimate Abomination
October 2009
Released: 2009, Khaosmaster Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Sacrilegio from Puerto Rico, have got a big wheel rollin´ for them. The band´s debut album, THE ULTIMATE ABOMINATION, has now been released on Khaosmaster Productions (also located in Puerto Rico), offering 11 tracks + intro of power-thrash metal. And now each of you is all curious ears, right?

THE ULTIMATE ABOMINATION continues securely from those deep footsteps where they left off on their 2-band split-CD (together with the Mexican progressive thrashers Blood Exile), titled THRASH CLASH VOLUME 3, released by US-based label Stormspell Records. It all sounds like the whole band has been in a really creative songwriting mood when coming up with this material for their debut album. The creative juices have truly been flowing inside the band as far as the ear-pleasing songs for the album are concerned. The album just stands out on its own – and there´s these guys´ tight playing and sharp sense for some very good song writing involved constantly on this release.

It´s not only Danny´s or Jose´s splendid guitar work, or Luis´ powerful and skilled vocalism that make THE ULTIMATE ABOMINATION such an enjoyable listening experience, but it is really everything on this album that makes one fascinated by the band´s pleasingly oldschool-tinged power-thrash. Basically everything seems to click with each other seamlessly – and therefore the songs turn out to be the way they are, i.e. amazingly strong tour-de-forces from the Sacrilegio camp, showing that our Central American metal brothers are true experts on creating catchy, heavy and beautifully flowing thrash with enough hooks – and getting deserved credit for that. In the same breath, they also need to be credited for having their Slayer-esque moment in a song called “The Traitor”, in which the opening riff not only almost seems, but does remind deceptively of Slayer´s “God Hates Us All” song. Probably just a pure coincidence - who knows.

By all accounts, THE ULTIMATE ABOMINATION is a very recommended release for all of you who value a strong craftsmanship and overall determined attitude to come up with an albumful of killer songs. Good to have you guys around. ;o)
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Dark Purity
03. Pagarán con Sangre
04. Karma
05. Zona Cero
06. Gods of the Underworld
07. Beyond the Darkness of Night
08. Lepanto
09. Shadows of Fear
10. The Fall (of The Traitor)
11. The Traitor
12. Abomination of Desolation


Luis Vila - Vocals
José A. Lara - Guitar
Danny Ortiz - Guitar
Raly Vega - Bass
Jorge Gautier - Drums

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