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Liquid Seasons
December 2000
Released: 1999, X-Plosive Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Name a metal band from South Africa....can you? Maybe if you're lucky you can think of one or two but for those of us here in North America it's hard. Well now you can say you've at least HEARD OF a band from South Africa and they are SACRIFIST! I was very impressed with this CD from the sound to the musicianship to the songwriting talent. The style of metal is diverse, ranging from the melancholy depths of Paradise Lost to a looser thrashing version of Carcass. The vocals are somewhat black metalish with a touch of Carcass. The music is ALL melodic with excellent guitar phrasings, clean guitars and harmonies. The drumming is also something of interest, especially on my favorite track on here "Last Embrace Part 2 - Winter's Grace" where there are some very neat fills happening. There's also some very cool bass lines in "Last Embrace Part 1 - Frozen" which sound like they were tapped out. These two songs are what really grabbed my attention when I first skimmed through this CD. As I've listened to this album more and more, I come back to these two songs still as being what I really like about this band. The CD's opening track "Forever Remains" is also one of the strong points with it's savage vocals yet melodic chunky riffing. The upbeat section in "Liquid Seasons Part 2 - The Waters of Life" has an In Flames influence without being the least bit derivative. As you've noticed many of the songs on here represent parts. I'm not sure why they did that, but it works.

If you like older Paradise Lost, Sentenced and Carcass then the mixture of those bands that these guys deliver along with their own style will knock you cold! At the time of writing, the band are working on their new CD and I look forward to hearing it! Apparently this four-piece band replaced two of it's members since Liquid Seasons was recorded. No doubt this will have a great impact on the next album. Lets hope it's for the better. I must thank "Human" for going out of his way and sending me a copy to dissect. Thanks brother!!!!

More information on the band can be found at their official webpage at or at Be sure to check our MP3 Archive for one track from Liquid Seasons, provided with permission of course!
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