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Sharky Sharky
Super Awesome Mega Rock
December 2016
Released: 2016, Ed Man Studios
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

OK yeah, this is a ‘Metal’ album aimed at kids. I reviewed the first Sharky Sharky EP (PARTY UNDER THE SEA) back in early 2015 and I thought it was pretty fun. I’m a Metal elitist as much as the next guy but I really enjoy artists who think outside the box (of steel) and don’t take themselves too seriously. This is one of those occasions.

SUPER AWESOME MEGA ROCK is the debut full-length album of Sharky Sharky the band that is very much like the global smash phenomena Hevisaurus but with sharks instead of dinosaurs. This is the perfect Christmas gift for your kids. The 11 song, 41 minute album features short, sweet, super fun songs designed to catch your attention, especially the short attention span of kids, and have people sing-along. The band is formed of five anthropomorphic shark based musician characters who have good, clean, family fun under the sea. The lyrics are actually quite clever in some parts, and I really like the overall positive message of ‘Go outside and play and use your imagination’! The band even take a little dig at video-game culture, more specifically kids who sit inside and play video games all day in the song ‘Play Outside’. There are some fun voice-overs and jokes and great lines scattered across the record, such has ‘Look for spiders, they are such great hiders’.

In terms of production and music, it is uber-clean, sterile, high-pitched production, and that is not a negative…you certainly don’t really need a crunchy, gritty guitar tone or harsh vocals, or punishing double-kick driven songs on an album like this but there is certainly a palatable sense of dynamic energy. The album is keyboard heavy, and quite a bit of guitar too, in a conventional song structure making it easy to engage in the song after one listen. Fun. If I had to choose one word to describe this album, it would be fun. One last point. The main dude behind this, Fraser Edwards, is the guy from the killer UK Power Metal band Ascension, so you can buy SUPER AWESOME MEGA ROCK for your kids and still have your Metal street-cred intact. No one will be the wiser.

My kids love this and children are the harshest critics of all because they have no filter and don’t even know what politically correct is. In fact, they like it so much I am almost (almost, but not quite) sick of hearing ‘Frankenshark’! If you don't have kids you might want to drop this album down a notch or two. Do you know how at the end of the year when some folks look at their iTunes account and track what songs and/or albums they listened to the most? Well, if you subscribe to the theory that the album you played the most is your album of the year, well… based on those stats, SUPER AWESOME MEGA ROCK is my album of the year!
Track Listing

1. Sharky Life Forever
2. Bring the Rock
3. Legend of the Megashark
4. Jake the Jellyfish
5. Play Outside (With My Best Friends)
6. When All the Lights Go Out
7. Old Steam Train
8. Bounce
9. Olof the Octopus
10. Frankenshark
11. Sunny Days


Baxter Vocals
Sharky Guitars
Andy Bass
Jawnofin Keyboards, Keytar
Finley Drums



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