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Sharky Sharky
Party Under The Sea
January 2015
Released: 2014, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I’m always on the lookout for the weird, wacky, wild and wonderful off-shoots and side-projects of Metal. These novelty/comedy projects are always a nice change of pace and I admire bands that are willing to take risks in this conservative genre. Sharky Sharky are one of those bands.

PARTY UNDER THE SEA is the debut EP by the Scottish band Sharky Sharky. Normally I avoid quoting a bands bio but these guys are so unique it is almost better to let them describe it. From their Facebook page…

“All of Sharky Sharky's songs are written creatively about fictional adventures of the Sharky gang, a group of half shark, half humans who have formed a rock band to tell the world all about their adventures around he world, and of course all about rock music! From the tales of mean old Olof the Octopus the king of thieves who likes to spoil the Sharky's fun, to the legend of the 'Megashark' - a friendly old fellow rumoured to be 100 meters long! Sharky Sharky has many stories to tell, and it's only just beginning.”

Yes, SHARKY SHARKY are a kids band. And why not? If we can enjoy the pure awesomeness of dinosaur metal of Hevisaurus, why not Shark-Metal? Based in Aberdeen the band is essentially the kick-ass Power Metal band Ascension. Feel free to check out my review of their debut FAR BEYOND THE STARS, also found on this site. Even though they are fun and funny, Sharky Sharky are no joke. The guys can play and have chops for miles but they have taken their creative energy and sense of humour into a new project.

The four-song EP is bright, fun and filled with good, happy, sing-along songs. It’s squeaky clean and kid-friendly of course. There is not a speck of grime on this anywhere! The guitar tones are clear and bright, the vocals high, really high (on purpose) and the whole pace and tone is one of fun. It might be like listening to the happiest, lightest, bounciest, Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica songs, if you are looking for a metallic comparison. I get a bit of a Powerglove feeling as well with the synthesized keyboard tones, sound-effects and uber-clean production.

Some cynics and critics might dismiss this as a novelty and I’m fairly confident they won’t be touring with Ahab anytime soon but maybe with Alestorm? However, a good, catchy song is always welcome. My 4-year old loves this and I like playing this in the car way for her way better than the Disney FROZEN soundtrack for the 1000th time. Sharky Sharky and PARTY UNDER THE SEA are a good way to get your kids into harder music and your wife won’t smack you upside the head when you play them, like that time you played Cannibal Corpse to ‘educate’ your four year old.
Track Listing

1. Party Under the Sea
2. All Around the World
3. The Sharky Sharky Jig
4. Forever Friends


Sharky Guitars
Baxter Vocals
Andy Bass
Finley Drums
Jawnofin Keyboards, Keytar



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