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The Post-Apocalyptic Servant
June 2014
Released: 2014, Massacre Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Seriously, who keeps buying this stuff?

Look, I eat/breathe/sleep old school death metal probably more than anyone else on this site, but let’s face facts – Sinister has been shitting out the same ham fisted records since the 90’s, and the only reason they get a pass is because they’re a legacy act that put out a pair of decent records 20 years ago (specifically being CROSS THE STYX and DIABOLICAL SUMMONING). But even then they were a second rate version of Hypocrisy. And the only thing that binds Sinister in 2014 to its distant glory days is a logo and drummer turned vocalist Aad Kloosterwaard, beyond that you’ve got a revolving door of musicians beating a horse that’s long since been found to be deceased.

I’m not even sure how many albums THE POST-APOCALYPTIC SERVANT is at this point under the Sinister moniker, but there’s little new to be found across the 10 original tracks here. Are they BRVTAL?! Yeah. Is there anything to differentiate any track on the album from another, much less any up and comer on the Severed Records roster? Not by a long shot. It’s fast, it’s got guttural vocals, and lots of whammy bar dive bombs. If that’s what you’re after, you’re in for a treat – Massacre released a much better album with those same qualities 20 years ago too, it’s called FROM BEYOND, go check it out.

And can we continue to be frank? When you’re biggest call out in the press is that you’ve got bonus tracks covering Morbid Angel and Paradise Lost tunes, there’s something intrinsically flawed with your product. Though not as bad as anything on Six Feet Under’s GRAVEYARD CLASSICS collections, they add nothing of value to the overall end product. There’s an Agent Steel cover as well, guess how well that one works out.

I’ve got nothing against Sinister personally, but let’s call a duck a duck. Tired, boring, and uninspired death metal shat out from a name you know is still tired, boring, and uninspired death metal. Save your time, energy, and shekels and keep on walking.
Track Listing

1. The Science of Prophecy
2. The Macabre God
3. The Sculpture of Insanity
4. The End of All that Conquers
5. The Masquerade of an Angel
6. The Dome of Pleasure
7. The Post-Apocalyptic Servant
8. The Art of Skin Decoration
9. The Saviour
10. The Burden of Mayhem
11. Fall From Grace (Morbid Angel cover)
12. Deadly Inner Sense (Paradise Lost cover)
13. Unstoppable Force (Agent Steel cover)


Aad Kloosterwaard - Vocals
Mathijs Brussaard - Bass
Dennis Hartog - Guitars
Toep Duin - Drums
Bas Brussaard – Guitars

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