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Shame Club
Come On
December 2008
Released: 2008, Small Stone Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

As music hurtles ever forward, expanding and amalgamating influences into new genres, there remains a resolute group of musicians that share a love of bygone eras. Traditional ‘80s metal, stoner rock, ‘70s music – there are numerous bands that are content to revisit old styles and sounds and work them within today’s framework. One such band is the decade-old Shame Club. Taking their love of ‘70s rock and mixing it with a dash of stoner music and a pinch of punk rock attitude, this foursome are true throwbacks. Think Bad Company stoned and angry and you’ll be in the ballpark of where these guys are headed. Hell, they even make light of their heroes with “Don’t Feel Like Making Love”. Har har.

Given that description, I know people that will love this album. However, I never liked ‘70s rock that wasn’t heavy and/or stoned. Bands like Bad Company bore me – they just don’t have any edge. Unfortunately, the same can be said of Shame Club. The riffs are solid, Jon Lumley’s vocals are expressive, but the overall package comes off kind of bland. There’s just no danger or fire in these 12 songs. Even when the band picks up the pace a bit (“How Far”), it somehow still manages to

Again, there’s nothing really wrong with COME ON, just nothing distinguishing. I usually eat this retro ‘70s stuff up, but I just can’t get into Shame Club. Like I said, there are fans out there that will worship these guys like kings, so don’t just take my general malaise with the music and write them off. If you’re into ‘70s rock, give ‘em a try, but I’ll stick to the Halfway To Gone’s and Throttlerod’s of the world, thanks.
Track Listing

1) Transamerica
2) I Just Want You To Be Free
3) How Far
4) Don’t Feel Like Making Love
5) Light Shines
6) Can You Feel It
7) Alicia Circles
8) Jonestown
9) Chasm
10) Sweet Mercy’s Gate
11) I Ain’t Surprised
12) Lurch


Jon Lumley: Vocals, Guitar
Andy White: Guitar
Eric Eyster: Bass
Ken McCray: Drums

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