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Shallow Waters
February 2011
Released: n/a, n/a
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Making a name for themselves in their local area Essex, Shallow Waters release a three track EP combining a hybrid of hard rock and hardcore. With elements of 18 Visions and Every Time I Die and Pantera, the band bring out the rock n roll dynamics that feel somewhat absent from today’s music scene.

‘Crossbones’ serve as a perfect example of this with riffs, lead guitar, and solid drumming to get any devoted headbangers to the front of stage. The lead guitar takes locks into the final chorus validating these guys as solid song writers. Influences of grunge and slightly heavier hardcore moments become more apparent within the next two songs in which ‘King of the Pack’ as angst fueled guitars and drumming take the forefront. ‘Gunslinger’ opens with high pitched shrieks, an interesting bass solo and backing vocals giving the band a sing along quality. “Pull the trigger were having a blast” provide the perfect soundtrack for a party.

Shallow Waters have a raw passion for making music that at times can appear both energetic and incoherent. It is clear that they are attempting to cross genres in their music but the end product does feel “half-full”. The solid song structures are there but the experimentation needs more refinery. In time, good things will come from this band and it will be interesting to see what follow up records will come from this raw and ambitious quintet.

Reviewer: Ben Spencer
Track Listing

01 Crossbones
02 King of the Pack
03 Gunslinger


Michael Readings - Vocals
Gary Stone - Guitar
Eddie Wilson - Guitar
Nick Barnard - Bass
Chris Swallow - Drums

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