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Shallow Ground
Embrace The Fury
June 2017
Released: 2015, Killer Metal
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

This month here at Metal-Rules, I was given the opportunity to spotlight the German metal label, Killer Metal Records. Ran by Jens Hafner, Killer Metal Records prides itself on bringing to the surface the more traditional sounding metal bands of old. Not too old though. More so the stylings of the ‘80s and ‘90s while still sounding relevant in today’s world of metal. Not one genre or sub-genre is left out in the cold with Killer Metal Records as it seems that if they like the band, they sign the band. Which by any account is a good way to build a solid label for the fans while not straying off with the more mainstream ‘cash grab’ sounding bands many labels add to their rosters. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the review below of one of the four bands I was summoned to review. My main complaint with this little assignment this month is there was only enough time to listen to four of the many talented bands Killer Metal Records has to offer.

Shallow Ground is a “thrash” metal band from Connecticut, U.S.A. It seems this is a band that has been around in some form or fashion since the mid ‘90’s. With a hiatus being claimed for the lack of much of anything in the ‘90’s through 2009, Shallow Ground seemed to have regrouped and have been bringing their thrash stylings ever since. Shallow Ground was able to put out an independent EP in 2010 before their collaboration in 2012 with Killer Metal Records, soon after releasing, THE END OF EVERYTHING in 2013. Not putting on the brakes in any way, Shallow Ground got right back up on the horse for the recording of this release, EMBRACE THE FURY.

I did a little checking on Shallow Ground and what others were saying about them. Being that this album came out two years ago, it has run its course of the review channels. It seemed to have a 50/50 mix of likes to dislikes. With a majority of dislikes coming from those who are looking for fresh, original and new sounding. Fresh, original and new sounding is a tough feat to accomplish. I will admit, Shallow Ground’s style and sound is not very original and fresh to the ears. How many new bands are able to actually pull that off these days? Yes, very few. That being said, Shallow Ground does not really disappoint. Not me at least, and I can be pretty picky at times. I have given this many listens and it has not made no more of an impact on me from the first listen to what now is probably the twelfth.

EMBRACE THE FURY is a nice journey into the sights and soundscapes that are the heavy metal genre. With a plethora of influential sounds ranging from Nuclear Assault, Havok, Forbidden to Kreator, Testament, and Iced Earth, Shallow Ground offer up a cool classic sounding American power metal sound all the while strolling hand-in-hand with thrash. Nothing all that original as stated earlier, but delivered well which should leave many listeners in good spirits.
Track Listing

1. Once Again
2. Khan
3. Brace For Impact
4. Human Flame
5. Eye Of the Storm
6. F.I.U.
7. Class Warfare
8. Looking Glass
9. Slayer Of the Gods


Keith Letourneau - Guitar/Vocals
Mark Chrzaszczewski - Bass
Kurt Ragis – Drums



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