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Shadoz Edge
June 2002
Released: 2001, Independent Records Inc.
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Formed in 1993, Shadoz Edge are now veterans of the metal wars, as REINVENTION is their third full-length. And a great disc it is! The band have obviously learned a lot from their earlier experiences in the ‘90s and put them to good use here. Perhaps the band has also learned from sharing the stage with legends like Overkill and Trouble, as well as lesser bands like Pro-Pain.

Whatever the case, the band has come out swinging here, opening the disc with two of their best songs. “Entity” and “Gone”, both of which are heavy, catchy riff-rockers that grab your attention. Lead vocalist Dave Shadoz has a gruff, Hetfield-sounding voice that compliments the band’s bashing style. Also of note is the drumming of Rick Cuevas, who not only propels the songs forward admirably, but also knows when to add in his own cool little fills. The band is also smart enough to vary up the pace of the album, tossing in some slower, moodier songs about when you’d expect them. Of these, “Pure” is the best.

My only complaint is that the album, like so many these days, is too long and starts to drag a bit. Though there are no real dull songs on the album, there is something called too much of a good thing! More to the point next time please. Still, REINVENTION is a very good disc and one that should garner Shadoz Edge the attention it deserves.

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