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Shadows Land
Ante Christum (Natum)
August 2004
Released: 2004, Osmose Productions
Rating: 2.8/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

With vocals that sound like the possessed girl in The Exorcist, riffs that teeter between thrash and death metal, drum loops, industrial sections, and electronica samples, Shadows Land’s debut, ANTE CHRISTUM (NATUM), really runs the gamut of heavy music. This Polish foursome employs odd time changes that can be a little off-putting and the use of sampled beats and effects will certainly test some listener’s patience, as well.

The vocals of Aro have been multi-tracked for maximum evil. While they sound kind of cool at first, by the end of the second track, the novelty has worn off. The lyrics are completely unintelligible and it literally sounds like Regan from The Exorcist when she is possessed by Pazuzu. J Nerexo is a madman on drums and the fills and blastbeats he uses are certainly a standout, especially on “Pagan Fears,” the best track found here. The swirling, Slayer-like riffs of “I’m Dead” are another bright spot. There are two instrumentals that seem to have popped in for a visit from another CD. “Decimal” and “b.o.r.y.s. IX” feature thumping drum samples and synth parts that would not be out of place on a CD by The Prodigy. Hearing the cacophonous wailing of Aro followed by a minute and a half of jacked up sampled beats only to be pulled back into the band’s evil underworld once again is not going to be for everyone.

This CD is one of those that “grows on you.” Even after three times, I thought it was complete and utter rubbish. I still can’t get past Aro’s vocals and this isn’t going to be anywhere near my top ten list of 2004, but for a change of pace and some cool background music, pop in ANTE CHRISTUM (NATUM).

KILLER KUTS: “I’m Dead,” “Pagan Fears”
Track Listing

1. Hybrid
2. My Name Are Three Sixes
3. Z Page Ia-Idon Odmicalzo...
4. Decimal (Instrumental)
5. Last Way
6. Vortex
7. You Are God
8. I'm Dead
9. Flash
10. b.o.r.y.s. IX (Instrumental)
11. Smell of Pain
12. Pagan Fears


R. af “Buzzer”—Guitar
T. Borys—Synth/Samples
J Nerexo—Drums

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