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Forward To Termination
May 2001
Released: 1987, Fringe Records (1988 Metal Blade)
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Classic Pick Of The Month - May 2001

In my books this CD is now a classic. It's hard for me to say if this is my absolute favorite Sacrifice CD because their final CD, APOCALYPSE INSIDE, is probably at the top of my Sacrifice list. FORWARD TO TERMINATION is Sacrifice's second album coming after 1985's TORMENT IN FIRE. So if you are scratching your head wondering who Sacrifice are, well WERE actually, then you haven't dug deep enough into the thrash and speed metal scene of the late 80's! Sacrifice formed in 1985 in Canada. The members on the line-up who recorded the FTT album include Rob Urbinati (guitar, vocals), Joe Rico (guitar), Gus Pynn (drums) and Scott Watts (bass).

THE song on here that just screams thrash is "Re-Animation." I remember when this song was used as the intro music for Much Music's POWER HOUR. Of course this was at a time when they actually had a heavy metal show. Anyway, I heard this awesome thrash riff with the triplets thinking it was just something that was written for the was I wrong. One day they aired the video for "Re-Animation" and I was sold immediately. Awesome riffing, ripping solos, venomous angry ridden vocals....and the lyrics? How could you not dig a line like "Brain dead, descending to flame. No way to survive or have life regained." The scream of "Re-Animaaashuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn" near the end of the song...godly!! Another memorable song is "Afterlife" which is reminiscent of HELL AWAITS era Slayer but with Sacrifice's own raw thrash twist. The track "The Entity" has one of those memorable "bouncy" thrash-like choruses that you can't forget, "Born in the twilight hour, I exist; her eyes devour. Feel my ghostly lust." It's a story about an Incubus...look it up - hehe. The track "Cyanide" is also one of my favs on aggression, total speed, total satan! In fact, even though FORWARD TO TERMINATION sounds like it's from the late 80's, several bands have been getting pretty popular in the past couple of years who definitely have taken a page from this band and this genre of metal!! Although I love this CD, it has a few moments where it drags. The track "Flames of Armageddon" is a 4 part song (The Resurrection, Manipulation of Will, The Nazarene Awakes, Armageddon). It drags in a few places and in my opinion is only so-so - but that is just in comparison to the albums stronger material, it's still good stuff!

If you like bands like The Crown, (OLD) Slayer, The Haunted, Carnal Forge, Witchery, Defleshed, (OLD) Razor, etc.....then you have got to check out this band NOW! I need say no more.

Forward to Termination Track Listing:

1. Forward to Termination

2. Terror Strikes

3. Re-Animation

4. Afterlife

5. Flames of Armageddon

6. The Entity

7. Forever Enslaved

8. Cyanide

9. Light of the End

10. Pyrokinesis

Sacrifice Discography:

Torment in Fire - 1985

Forward to Termination - 1987

Soldiers of Misfortune - 1991

Apocalypse Inside 1993

More info on this now defunct band can be found at
Track Listing






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