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Corruption Within
December 2000
Released: 2000, Limb Music
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Rick

Its about time that I got this CD. I have not anticipated many releases as much in the last year as this one. I happened to discover ShadowKeep about a year ago while I was making the rounds on I downloaded a couple of tracks and they blew my mind. My first thought at the time was "why isn’t this incredible band signed?". I immediately set out to find the EP where the songs came from and met lead vocalist RogueM in the process. You can read the interview I did with him. This man certainly has one of the best voices in metal today and is no slouch in the song writing department as he writes some killer lyrics. RogueM is backed by Chris Allen and Nicki Robson on guitars, James Daley on bass and Dave Edwards on the drum stool. Allen and Robson are the principle songwriters and come up with the awesome music that is found on this disc.

Corruption Within was released on Limb Music in North America on October 17, 2000. The CD contains 12 tracks. Included are the 6 songs from the band's EP entitled 6 Track Mini Album which have been remastered and sound much better sonically than the originals. There are 5 new tracks and a cover of the classic Queensryche song "Queen of the Reich" that the band recorded for a Queensryche tribute disc. "Corruption Within" is opened with the track "Dark Tower" which is probably one of the best tracks on the CD. This song just includes everything that I like about the band, great vocals, awesome drumming and well crafted music. "The Trial of your Betrayal" is up next and carries on the in progressive power metal vein that the band follows. The title track is a straight forward mid tempo metal romp with a great guitar solo from Allen. This guy creates some tasteful solos that fit perfectly with the atmosphere that the band is creating. "Silver Sword" is not only one of my favourite ShadowKeep songs but one of my favourite songs at the moment. This song is in one word, awesome. The final track on the disc is the hidden track "Queen of the Reich" originally done by Queensryche on their debut EP. This cover is every bit as powerful as the original and RogueM proves that he is the equal of Geoff Tate. Awesome track and a great way to end a CD.

First, let me set the record straight. It has been said that ShadowKeep are stuck in the 80s. That is not the case. They definitely have many 80s influences such as Vicious Rumours, Crimson Glory and to some extent Sanctuary, (at least it seems to me). The thing is, they are not stuck in the 80s. ShadowKeep is creating some vital music for the year 2000. "Corruption Within" is a quality CD that has hardly left my discman in the week since I got it. The production, which was handled by the band and Karl Groom (Threshold), is top notch. If you are looking for a band that combines the best of progressive and powermetal with great vocals and strong musicianship then ShadowKeep is a band you should not miss!!!!!!
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