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A Chaos Theory
January 2002
Released: 2002, Limb
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Since first discovering this band in 1999 I have followed their career with great interest. They came together rather quickly in 99 around the nucleus of Rogue M. on vocals and Chris Allen and Nicki Robson on guitars. They released SIX TRACK MINI ALBUM that same year and followed it up with their first full-length release in 2000 called CORRUPTION WITHIN. Both those discs have become a staple in my collection and I have been looking forward to this disc for quite some time. The disc itself was ready months ago but for some unknown reason it was put on the shelf and is only now seeing the light of day. That’s a shame because it is quite clear on this CD that Shadowkeep have come into their own.

Shadowkeep wastes no time with introductions and launches straight into the first track “A Distant Paradox”. It is here that the idea of the Chaos Theory is introduced. Now I am not too clear on what this exactly means but it involves the universe and its creation and (I am assuming) its ultimate death. It is already evident by the second track ‘Seventeen” that the band has refined their sound and are light years ahead of where they were only 2 years ago. That’s saying quite a bit as I gave their last 2 discs pretty good scores when I reviewed them. I was surprised quite a bit by the track “Thorns and a Rose”. This mid tempo tune has one of the catchiest choruses that I have heard in awhile. After the last CD Rogue said that he would use a wider variety in his vocal delivery this time around. He delivers with an impassioned performance that elevates this song to one of my favourite songs from this CD. The forlorn piano instrumental “A Crack in the Mirror” precedes “Chaosgenesis”, a tale of inner turmoil and grief.

Any lingering comparisons to bands like Vicious Rumors and Crimson Glory have been dispelled with A CHAOS THEORY. Shadowkeep have crafted a quality disc that touches on shades of all their influences but brings them out of those shadows into a sound of their own. Unfortunately, just as the band hit their stride they have run into a snag. Vocalist Rogue M. has left the group. The band soldiers on and has found a capable replacement in Richie Wicks of Angel Witch and Tygers of Pan Tang. With Robson, Allen, Steve Kightly: bass and Scott Higham: drums, Wicks has joined a group on the verge of becoming a heavyweight in the metal world.
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