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July 2005
Released: 2004, Marquee Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

First of all, THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL SACRIFICE RELEASE, merely like truly die-hard fans´ collector-item!! Secondly, I´m not so sure whether this tiny, but still very worth collecting item is still available, so you need to ask and make a request for it by emailing to none other than Rob Urbinati himself, the frontman of the already long defunct Canadian Thrash Metal pioneers Sacrifice. His email address is to be found at the end of this rant...

So what do we have to be ´ranting' about in here then? Well, first off, if you don´t own one single Sacrifice album in your collection, then there´s no way that you could call yourself a metalhead. You are not my friend either until you go pick up some Sacrifice releases for your collection and come back – and then we will sit down and start talking to each other again.

198666 was done on a low budget by Rob Urbinati, and I think this CD is only available by request even if I cannot give you water-proof guarantees about that either. However, the CD contains the band´s legendary 6-song FORWARD TO TERMINATION demo (with a fuckin´ relentless cover for Discharge´s “Possibility of Lifes Destruction”) that they recorded in July 1986, 10-song live recording from the same year when Sacrifice supported King Diamond on their U.S./Canadian tour – and also short liner notes written by the “Scene Lord” Laurent Ramadier.

The F.T.T. demo showed pretty clearly what was ahead of these mighty Canadian thrashers within the next couple of years or so. Sacrifice had released their very Slayer-esque debut album TORMENT IN FIRE through a local label Diabolic Force in 1985 which was well received in the Metal scene back then. However, I think it was the band´s follow-up album FORWARD TO TERMINATION that was released in 1987, and could be considered as their finest album in their whole career - full of flawlessly flowing and sharply churned out Thrash Metal songs (“Terror Strikes”, “Re-animation”, “Afterlife”, “Flames of Armageddon”, etc.) that really raised Sacrifice on the map for Thrash Metal maniacs all around the world. The band´s ´86 demo with the same name, contains 5 songs that found their way to the brilliant FORWARD TO TERMINATION album as rawer and unpolished versions, but still delivered with an enormous amount of intensity, aggression and unmatched catchiness that only a few bands were capable of producing back in the day. Also, a demo version for “Possession” is to be found from this demo recording which is slightly different compared to the version they recorded for the TORMENT IN FIRE album.

The 10-song live thing at Kitchener, Ontario, Canada 25th of July´86, introduces songs mostly for the band´s TORMENT IN FIRE, but they were already introducing some newer songs for the audience that ended up on the FORWARD TO TERMINATION album (“Cyanide”, “Afterlife” and “Pyrokinesis”). All in all, this relatively good quality live recording gives a somewhat good idea how they were in a live situation. I think one word describes that pretty well and it´s... Relentless! Rob also tended to speak in-between the songs quite a bit and I found it kinda funny when he yelled to the audience: “Have you guys come here to fucking thrash or have you come here to drink or fucking what...?!”. Or something like that, ha-ha!

If you are not able to get 198666 from anywhere, then don´t worry because Brazilian Marquee Records will re-issue the first three Sacrifice albums with many bonus tracks – and as far as I know, at least the F.T.T. demo will be included for one of these reissues as a bonus. Also, the same label will release a complete live show from 1989 from them, so by all means start preparing to do some savings already for all those 4 Sacrifice releases.
Track Listing

01. 198666 (*)
02. Forward to Termination (*)
03. Pyrokinesis (*)
04. Cyanide (*)
05. Forever Enslaved (*)
06. Afterlife (*)
07. Possession (*)
08. Possibility of Lifes Destruction (Discharge cover) (*)
09. F.T.T./Sacrifice (+)
10. Homicidal Breath (+)
11. Infernal Visions (+)
12. Decapitation (+)
13. Cyanide (+)
14. Afterlife (+)
15. Possession (+)
16. Pyrokinesis (+)
17. Necronomicon (+)
18. Beyond Death (+)

(*) taken from FORWARD TO TERMINATION demo July 1986

(+) recorded live at Kitchener, Ontario, Canada 07/25/1986


Rob Urbinati – Vocals and guitar
Joe Rico – Guitar
Scott Watts - Bass
Gus Pynn - Drums

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