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Shadow Host
Bringer Of Revenge
May 2014
Released: 2011, CD Maximum
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

After discovering Russia’s Shadow Host in early 2014 I fell in love with the band and with in a very short period of time acquired almost all their back catalogue, without downloading it! BRINGER OF REVENGE is the bands fourth album that came out in December, 2011 on CD-Maximum.

The band is totally professional presenting a 14-page full colour booklet with liner notes, lyrics, photos and everything you need. The cover art is gorgeous, yet another avenging armoured angel with a sword amidst the heap of bodies of his enemies. If you look closely you can spot a ‘Predator’ from the movie series. It had been a full six years since CURSE OF THE ANGEL EYE and there had been some pretty big line-up changes over that time. Only singer Victor ‘Anger’ Lysyi and founder/guitarist Alexy Arzamazov remained from the previous albums lineup and in fact Arzamazov was the only remaining original member at this point. The new lineup seems to brought some stability as well.

BRINGER OF REVENGE is a sonic wave of pure power. It is almost as if they had something to prove after the long wait and the line-up changes. The album sounds a bit faster, meaner and darker than the last one. Shadow Host do not have the sweet and light keyboard driven style of many of the Italian bands, but heavy and dark but not afraid of melody. The riffs are great, the songs are not too progressive or laden with extras, just superb Metal song writing, every song is easy to bang your head too! It is almost as if this Russian act is doing an amazing version of classic US Power Metal! The eight song (plus title-track intro) CD runs for 45 minutes and goes from strength to strength. Most of the songs are pretty fast, maintaining a surging, relentless pace. BRINGER OF REVENGE also features the vocals of Keri of Oblivion Machine on a couple of tracks, you can hear her melodic delivery on the beginning of ‘Secrets Left Untold’ with some simple acoustic guitar to accompany her. There are a few other guests from the large Russian Metal scene who provide some backing vocals and guest guitar solos. Vocalist Victor sings in a slightly more aggressive style this time and it suits the band as well. They seem to be getting a little heavier with each album! The whole is smothered in just crunchy, grinding guitar with the occasional; little sonic flourish of an acoustic part or a hint of female vocal, just enough to add some distinction to the punishing album.

It amazes me that this band is not more popular to the wider Metal community. They are so tight, so professional in every aspect, but most of all so entertaining. BRINGER OF REVENGE is a fantastic work and in my mind stands as one of the best, if not the best Russian Metal band active today.
Track Listing

1. Bringer of Revenge
2. Wicked Curse
3. Eye for an Eye
4. Forsaken One
5. Demon Hunter
6. Secret Left Untold
7. Back to the Shadowland
8. Beware Your Dreams
9. Facing the Truth


ViktorLysiy Vocals
Alexey Arzamazov Guitar
Uriy Naletov Guitar
Evgeny Nesterov Bass
Efim Burak Drums

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