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September 2001
Released: 2001, Century Media
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Everyone has read or heard about how popular Arch Enemy are in Japan. Well now Japan has its very own Arch Enemy wanna-be’s – Shadow. This Osaka band has a female vocalist, (Tokiko Shimamoto) as does Arch Enemy now. Looking at the band’s bio photo you will scratch your head in bewilderment at how such a pretty looking Asian woman can conjure up such brutal hellish vocals! Japan seems to be a place where just about all forms of metal are very popular. At least this is what we hear from this side of the world. The fact that all these bands are so popular over there yet we never hear about their metal bands making an impact outside of their country (well except for Loudness hehe!) has always been something I’ve found strange. The only problem I sort of have with Shadow is that it’s not original. It’s good stuff, don’t get me wrong - the musicianship is all of a high caliber. It’s just that bands like Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Gardenian, etc hav been doing it longer and are in my opinion better at it. If you like melodic styled death metal to the point where you buy every single album that falls into this category, then you will not be disappointed with Shadow. I just hope the band will expand beyond their influences and develop their own sound.
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